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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Day 6....Almost Slipped by Me!!!

Hi Everyone,

Today flew by...I caught snippets of time in my studio, but for me, its the posting that just seems to get away from me.

Todays journal page is another rule for me....that I HAVE to plan my day...just have to....I realized that I was just wandering aimlessly, and wondering where all the time would get to...no plan for me means absolutely nothing done...zilch! We will see how well that goes :)

Until next time,



lori vliegen said...

oh, i know exactly what you mean.....a day without a plan is a day when i get nothing done!! wonderful journal page, ophelia!! xo

Jenny Petricek said...

I can totally relate...and yes, my problem is that while I do actually find the time to create, I also tend to put off posting! Thanks for the reminder to establish priorities!


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