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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Still Here...

Good Morning blog friends.  Yes, I am still here in blogland, and creating everyday.  I honestly have the best intentions of showing up...sigh, it just doesn't always work out how its all planned out in my head!
I am still working daily in my day to day journal.
This journal honestly brings me such joy!
I signed up for Mystele's Gut Art online class...WOW is all I can say...she is amazing!
I am honestly just grooving on playing...and well, just playing for the sake of playing!!
Getting my hands dirty in paint, and just letting go!
To me...that is magical!
Playing with color and words...I am in LOVE!
Seems I have been doing demos at Jerrys on a weekly basis, whick keeps me busy packing and unpacking...and all of this playing and experimenting is just great for my soul!
No demo is complete, however, without my trusty studio assistant coming along!!
She reminds me to keep it real!!
Until next time,

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Back. To Reality...

Good morning blog friends.  I am finally back from an amazing journey to Las Vegas, and being back to reality is kind of rough.  This re-entry thing gets me every time!!
The show was great, but kind of like childbirth, I forgot just how hard it is to set up a booth for a show!
When those zillion boxes showed up...that is when it hit me...and by then, there was no turning back!
I met some truly, truly awesome people there...and found myself an uber cool new toy--you all may have heard of Pebeo paints before, but until now, I have been in the dark.
Its pourable paint, and when they interact with each other, really cool effects happen!  And I mean really cool!  
Here is a piece that I did, and as soon as my luggage (I shipped my art supplies from filming back home) get delivered, I can tell you a bit more about them!
Did some playing in my journal this morning as our schools are on a delay.
Until next time,


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