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Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy, Digging, Updates....and a Question....

Since the fairy must be busy elsewhere, I have been digging. In all honesty, it is kind of fun finding all of that stuff that you "had to have" and then it got lost in the new "had to have" stuff. So, digging is good in that regard! What is not so great is when you find oodles and oodles of stuff, and realize that never in a lifetime will you ever be able to use it all is when it becomes shameful ( I know there has to be someone else out there that can join me on this) I found probably 40 or so thick old ledgers, 100s of dictionaries, zillions of old photographs....bins and bins full of stuff!! I have been putting these and other goodies together in GIGANTIC collage packs for you to enjoy. $20 gets you a Priority box FILLED with collage goodness. Shipping included!! Can't beat that!!! Email me if you are interested in having one!

Also, you may remember that this time of year is my favorite...yes, holiday fun stuff and crazy trick or treat fun....but I'm talking about ART of the CAROLINAS!!! I can hardly wait! Its the art getaway that I so desparately need right about now, and its close to home!!
Its the 10th year!!! and it promises to be magic...and here's some news for ya!! I've been invited to demo there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I could hardly believe it!
So, I am to demo sketchbooks....hhhmmm.... I know what I do in my sketchbooks, but I have been challenged to use other sketchbooks as well....and I wanted to try some different things! So, I've been studying up....and each day, I have put a different sketchbook in my purse to just play around in.....YUM! Isn't art amazing where there really is NO pressure, you just get to play around! I am so excited about being able to demo there! I have been going for about 8 years, and I spend so much time learning all that I can fromt he artists there that demo and really share so much with you.....I sure hope that I can inspire someone out there!!! Check out the event here http://www.jerrysartevents.com/ there are so many amazing classes with incredible artists all under one roof...and the shopping is KILLER!!!
Ok...question time....have you ever starting things with great intentions only to find that you never got back to finishing them....or feel like everything you touch is half done...I drive myself crazy with just spinning my wheels, and going nowhere it seems. I seem lately to not be able to finish anything!!! Just completely overwhelmed! Am I the only one. My to do list is so long I'm completely overwhelmed with it and usually just take a NAP! What do you all do when this type of thing happens...certainly there has to be a way to dig myself out of this craziness and actually get things done. I have been wanting to blog for days now and just haven't even found a second to get to the computer for any length of time...what to do, what to do!!

Whew!!!! If you've been reading with me this long...thanks for sticking in there...sorry for the very, very long post. As you can see, I have been holding this in for a while now!!!
Until next time,

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Quick Hello...

Life seems to get crazier and crazier with each passing day. I'm not even sure of how it happens or what seems to cause it to happen, but its crazy around here.
I found a bit of time to head up to my studio, and realized that the craziness continues there (no, the art fairy has not shown up yet to clean)
While working on something (in my postage stamp table space) I noticed that I had 3 journals lined down my table and had been working in all three....I guess I had gone into a glueing frenzy or something and started one one journal, and when I stepped back, there they all were!!!

Sorry for the poor picture of my cell phone, but the moment had to be captured as it was!
And, another pic of one of my journals....once again, sorry for the poor picture.
Oh, the chaos in which I create!!
Enjoy your day!
Until next time,

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dear Art Fairy...

I have a request....

PLEASE make me GREAT!!!! While I'm away today, please turn everything that I have touched into pure amazement!!! Add your special fairy touch to all of my journal pages....I know you would know what to do when I am stuck!!!
And, while you are up there..... will you PLEASE clean my studio!!!! Please!!!
Enjoy your day!
Until next time,

Monday, October 4, 2010

I've Been Playing....

and playing, and playing some more....more really like glueing stuff in my journals with no particular end in sight, no rhyme or reason...just playing... Here are a few pictures from my play time....they are by no means done, but I'm just goofing off more like it!

Oh yeah...and another rule...

This one totally happened by accident...I'm still so stuck on these tags...
I want to learn every single day...something new that is....just makes the day so much richer...
Learn and Grow...thats my lesson here....
Until next time,


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