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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 19...

Hi Everyone...

I hope you are having a great day.

Back in May, I signed up for Soul Restoration with Melody Ross, and well, Holy Smokes Batman...it was Awesome!!! I truly had an amazing experience with the entire course....and actually worked through the course!

Well, ok, not exactly, because I was so gung ho about getting started, that I failed to actually "decorate" the front cover of my journal...so, that was first on my list this morning.

After I finished the course, Soul Restoration 2 started...and, well, you know me....I quickly signed up. So, second on my list this morning was to work on my journal cover for that....well...lets just say my art time was cut a bit short....and, after guitar lessons, an orthopaedic appointment, (hand stand gone wrong with my daughter)Dr. visit, then to the hospital for xrays, Tae Kwon Do for testing - yeah, she broke wood with the same foot that took us to the doctors office in the first place....can a girl get a break around here!!!

Luckily the Dr called and there is nothing more than a really bad sprain - did I mention that I "PAY" for these gymnastics lessons....so, they are off to vacation bible school, and I headed right back up to the studio where my day started so peacefully!!! I wish some days I could just close the door and live up there....but sigh...this too shall pass.

Thanks for listening...

Until next time,


1 comment:

PaperPumpkin said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this journal cover, Ophelia! Can you see me smiling at it? SO SORRY that your daughterhurt herself and you spent hours with doctoring...Yes, this too shall pass. (My children grew up so fast...)But these 'chauffer years' are some of the very hardest. Prayers for you! muah!


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