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Monday, November 29, 2010

Visual Journaling Fun!

I hope that you all had the best Thanksgiving holiday. We stayed at home this year and it was so great. My kids enjoyed helping us cook an incredible meal (that we all ate way too much of). It was so nice spending time with each other and just hanging out. Since we were at home, I had 4 days of studio time where I could just run up whenever an idea hit me, and play for a bit, so that was especially nice.
I am doing a demo at Jerry's this coming Sunday, December 5th with these new Strathmore Visual Journals, so I have been having a great time playing with them. Since the covers are hard, I have also been playing around with impasto gel and modeling compound through a stencil to decorate the cover before I actually begin.

Here is a bit of what I have been playing with so far....
I hope you have the greatest day ever.
Until next time,

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Morning Blog Friends....

I am still floating on my creative love cloud...and wanted to share with you a few pages that I created in my journal this weekend....with the hustle and bustle of life, its important for me to find a way to be creative everyday...
Enjoy your day....go out and make the best of it....
Until next time,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All I Can Say...

Is that I was on a cloud....
Art of the Carolinas was just fabulous!!! Completely and utterly amazing! The entire weekend went in minutes. And, although I was dog tired each day at the end of the day, I was up and out of bed super early for the next day to begin. Oh, the life....
This is Allen Clapp and Michele Theberge and I at the show. Allen was also a demo artist for the weekend, and he is so amazing...and Michele, just ROCKS!!

The weekend went so quickly, and I had the best intentions of taking my camera around to capture some of the action, but...well, that didn't happen. I met so many amazing people...even the designer of the Liquitex Acrylic inks that I LOVE!!! (Next time, I will do better at getting pictures!) Here I am with my very first Art Journaling Teacher....Jeniffer Hutchins....I haven't seen her in years and years!! It was so awesome for us to catchup!!
The event was just so amazing...meeting the manufacturers and brains behind my favorite products!!! I could honestly do this king of thing for the rest of my life....but for now, its back to life....so, I'd better get going..
Until next time,

Friday, November 12, 2010

A Sketchbook Project of my own....

Happy Friday, my blog friends.
I have been knee deep in sketchbooks....sketchbooks of all kinds, preparing for my demo at the Art of the Carolinas.
So, my bags are packed...check

My studio is SERIOUSLY trashed.....check

Nervous wreck...and didn't sleep at all last night....well, you get the idea.
I am just completely anxious about what to expect!
I will check in with you all after the weekend!
Wish me luck....I'm going to REALLY need it!!!
Until next time,


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