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Monday, January 11, 2016

Abstract Boot Camp

Hello blog friends and happy Monday.  I post today...on the road...on my phone.  I headed out this morning, to my parents for a week, but spent an incredible weekend being 100% distracted with paint.
I attended a workshop this weekend at Jerrys, and what an amzing time it was.  The only things that I knew I wanted from the weekend workshop was to be completely distracted from daily life, and to use up some paint....and thats exactly what happened!
I just played around...wanting to use some of the paint that sits on my shelf.
It dawned on my that it has been quite some time since I have actually painted something...not like a demo or teaching a class, but painted for me...for the pure pleasure of painting.
I pulled out my biggest brushes, inks, and anything else that I could get my hands on...and simply lost myself.
And it was GREAT!
Until next time,

Monday, December 28, 2015

One Little Word...

Happy Monday Blog Friends..
Hope your holidays were amazing...filled with everything that you wished for.
For us here, we spent time surrounded by family in the hospital with my mom, where her journey with this cancer began a full year ago.  The fact that it has been a year since her diagnosis is a blessing in itself, and the fact that we were able to spend time with her is a miracle.
I sat in my studio a bit ago, and mulled over words that I wanted to go into the New Year with, one word just would not go away...
Grow, Thrive, Prosper, Increase, Multiply.
Until next time,

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Art of Showing Up!

Good morning blog friends!  I hope that todays post finds all of you well with many, many things to be grateful for.
Today, instead of heading off to work, I headed to my studio for some alone time.  I realized a few days ago via my daily journal, that it has been month since I have been here to do anything.  Other than to pack or unpack for classes and demos, I have done not a thing!
It almost feels daunting--showing up after being away for so long, so todays quest is just to spend some time in my space.
Like playing around with my Prismacolor pencils and watercolor pencils....

Or filling up my trusty Lukas watercolor palette.

Or gluing down a random bit in an open journal on my table...
Than, making a mark with my favorite pencil!
I find that there is loads of inspiration in my studio....magic doesn't always happen...
But, I sure love being in this space!  And today, I am honestly grateful to have this little corner in my world to call my own!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Until next time,

Friday, July 17, 2015

What A Feeling!!!

Good morning blog friends!

I did a demo this past week at Jerrys...as usual, I had a blast!
I got to play with my friend Jodi for a day of painting!
Oh...how we laughed, painted, laughed and played some more...
I realized in the midst of it all...that I absolutely LOVE the feeling of playing in paint...LOVE it!
Just starting out by slapping some paint around.
And....just go with the flow....
Just playing...seeing where it takes you...such a great feeling!
I hope you all enjoy your weekend!
Until next time,

Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer of Color...

I LOVE a good art challenge...and this weeks Summer of Color did not let me down...
The challenge...orange, orange and blue!
I pulled out every orange paint that I owned- I definitely lacking in the orange department...but I started!!!
A closeup of this WIP...I will get to work at finishing it soon....but I kinda like where its going.
If you are looking for a fun challenge this summer...I encourage you to head over to Summer of Color 5...
Enjoy your week everyone...
Until next time,

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How Many Times...sigh...

Good Morning blog friends and Happy July!
How many times shall I fall off of this blogging horse...how many???  I honestly have the best intentions, and well...sigh...

A few updates...
My mom-from my last post was diagnosed on Christmas Day with State 4 Pancreatic Cancer... She is doing incredibly well...like miracle status!  In fact, as I write this, they. My parents and all of the grandkids are on the way to Florida for the week...
That being said...this gal is Kidless!!!  What to do...what to do???

On to other happenings...
I recently did a lecture/demo over at the Art Bar in Raleigh using the mixed media line by Pebeo.
Loads and Loads of fun!
Here is the finished piece from the demo.
I just absolutely LOVE working with these paints!
The Art Bar is such a great to hang out...
Last night, I decided to attend a sketching meet up there...remember, I'm Kidless!!
We did torn image sketching.  Again...loads and loads of fun!
In the studio, I continue to create in my journal...seems like such a long time since I have been able to do so..
I can not thank you all enough for hanging around with me!
Until next time,

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Finally A Break!!

It is officially Spring Break!!!  Thank goodness as sometimes I feel as though I can not take another moment of the madness!!!  Its nice to have a break from the craziness of our schedules.
With a break from school I get to have some much needed studio time.
Yep...it completely looks like a bomb went off!
Busy on a few projects I have going on...
Its an exciting opportunity....
I have also been working hard to get ready for hanging a show in Wake Forest this weekend...
Its a nice feeling to just paint!  My studio takes me away from all the worries this world offers... 
When my palette looks like this, my manicure is like this...
And I am a happy girl!!!
On another note...my mom is doing very well with her treatments...total reason to be very happy!!!  Today is her first CT scan since ahe started chemo, so fingers crossed that there is progress!
And...as I type this, this gal is on the way in to the Orthodontist to get her braces!!
Nervously excited..she says..
Enjoy your day everyone!
Until next time,

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