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Saturday, March 26, 2011

How Not To Start Your Work Week...

Happy Saturday blog world...
I hope you guys are all having a wonderful start to you weekend...
I wanted to let you know where I have been since I haven't posted in a while... This is a little lesson in how not to start your work week....

On Monday morning just as I was heading out the door for work, it snapped...and ouch, oh ouch it was...my back that is. I don't know what I did wrong and can't even explain it, but out of nowhere, it felt as though I was being stabbed with something...so, I started my work week in bed...flat....and that is where I have been since then. To add insult to injury, my art supplies are up a flight of stairs....now, we're in trouble!!!
I spent a great deal of time watching Youtube videos, and as I have mentioned before RachO113 is incredbile. She does the most amazing mixed media pieces....and has incredible haul (shopping videos) to let you know of where she gets all of her goods!! So, for days, I have been watching YouTube and being delightfully entertained by Rachel...and adding goods to wishlists all over the WORLD!! At one point, I seriously thought I had searched the entire internet....
I think it was Wednesday, I got some journal down and finished some pages that had been started at my demo at Jerrys this past Sunday....
My demo was on color mixing really, and when I get back up to get my workhorse journal, I will show you all of the colors that I was able to create....
I hope you all enjoy the start to your weekend...over here, its still slow going, mainly flat on my back, with a serious case of bed hair!!
Until next time,

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gotta Share This!!

Hope you all are wrapping up a wonderful weekend filled with artistic fabulousness! You can certainly guess where my weekend was spent - on a field...surrounded by flying baseballs...but it was good. At least the weather was great!!
So, my friend Jeniffer over at Joyful Arts Studio has a class with the 21 Secrets line of workshops! You may remeber my post with meeting Jeniffer again after many years had passed.

Jeniffer was my first Art Journaling teacher here in Raleigh a while ago....I don't even know how I came upon her as an instructor, but she completely changed the way that I looked at Art Journaling! I realized then and there in her class that this was something I could do...and I have been doing just that since then. She moved away..and we found each other again back in November!
I hope that you will join me in the series of workshops and follow Jeniffers link to get there. The lineup looks so awesome! Goes on sale tomorrow!
Until next time,

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Saturday!!

I hope that you are all having the best day ever! The weather here is just plain gorgeous...perfect weather for a Saturday.
I wanted to share with you some of my journal pages....you know, some good ole fashioned self pep talk.
I sometimes honestly wonder what I would be and do if I totally believed in myself....do you ever wonder that????

Well, I hope you make it a great day!
Until next time,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Its That Time AGAIN!!

Today was chilly, raining, and the perfect day for....
I can't even believe we are back at it already, but let the long summer of baseball field tours begin. If you know me, I would much rather be at home...but, I find that lately I am starting to enjoy the game.
Our games actually started on yesterday, but, I had to leave early for my demo at Jerry's with Liquitex Acrylic Inks! I can never get enough of playing with these!!
Now, this is more of my speed!
Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone,
Until next time,

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Calendar Check In....Sorry its late!!

Good Morning blogworld friends!
I hope that your week has been off to a great start....re-entry has been a bit hectic around here since my daughter was out of school ALL last week....but we're hanging in there.
Ok..so I'm a day late on my calendar show and tell, but here goes....

February is over.....can you believe it!!!

March could use a bit more work...but, I thought that if I didn't get it posted now, it would get lost in the shuffle of craziness and never get finished...so, enjoy for now. I have decided that March IS my month for change...I'll keep you posted on how that goes...
I hope you all have the best day ever....
Until next time,


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