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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Anyone Up For A Little Challenge???

I just love a challenge...just because it pushes me beyond my comfort zone...and I always come out on the other side a new person...bigger and stronger because of it.

I found this challenge over at the blog of Kimberly Moore. Kimberly is an incredible artist...and somehow, although we have never met face to face, it seems we have known each other for a lifetime.

I printed out her awesome "diva" and suddenly, my colored pencils were calling me. I have an all out love for colored pencils...I don't even know why. I'm not sure if its just that they come in a squillion colors and I LOVE color and all things colorish, but I love them, and I use them to scribble because, well, I think the day in kindergarten that we actually held crayons, colored pencils, and such, I was absent, but for this challenge,I gave it a good try.

Join in, won't you....
I have printed more....so keep your eye out...this girl love a good challenge!!
Until next time,

Monday, October 26, 2009

Is it Monday Already??

Where oh where did the weekend go!! So much to do, and so little time it seems. Friday afternoon holds so much potential for me it seems, where I think that I can conquer the world...or at least my ever growing to do list...and then in the blink of an eye, its Monday morning... (sigh).

I did get a wee bit of art accomplished, not a whole lot though. Our Saturday was filled with football, and we suffered a muddy, cold, and rainy defeat....the boys had the best time ever though doing mud slides...but I was soaked and frozen to my bones after sitting out in the rain for HOURS!!

With the fury of activity that is always going on around here...I learned a valuable lesson. I learned that I am for one a person of excuses...too busy, not enough time, too tired, my kids are not dressed well, I'm not dressed well enough...you know the list, and I usually let that list of excuses keep me from doing things that I know will eventually push me forward. I think part of the reason that I am always sitting on the sidelines watching other people succeed at what they do is that I let my excuses drive my life....I am learning though, to do things in spite of....I'm too tired...just do it anyway...
On Friday night, it seemed that everyone of my excuses were lined up to jump in and stop me from attending an event that I was invited to join. My husband was called out which left me with both kids...getting dinner, redressing, rushing home after work....the list could go on... but I made it happen, in spite of the circumstances, and I was amazed at the outcome. AMAZED. Had I let the list of excuses keep me at home, I would have missed out on some wonderful opportunities...and I stood there realizing that when you do things in spite of....it really does get you in the game. People that are making things happen for them are also busy, tired, rushed....but they do it anyway...so why not me...
Until next time,

Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Friday!!

Good Morning Bloggers!!
Thank goodness, I made it to Friday.
Not alot of art this week, and I can't believe how time flew by since my last post. We are still recovering around here from having 12 BOYS sleep over last week!!! TWELVE of them! My son had an amazing time,but boy was I tired!!
I will post pictures over the weekend of the little art that I have done.
Have a great Friday!!
Until next time,

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ready for some ART!!

We are on round 2 of the flu here at my house, and I'm ready for something different...I've been in my sickbed all weekend, and I can truly hear my paint brushes calling me...could be all the Nyquil, but I'm certain that I hear them.
With that being said, I am ready for some art...not in my "sick house" art, but a good ole' fashion workshop.
I love, love, love taking workshops...LOVE them. You know, that feeling you get when you pack all of your supplies, and acxiously await the possibilities of what the day will bring. I just love being amongst other creative beings....and just playing. Out of my house with no laundry or dirty dishes calling me, but just PLAY!
Well, my time is a-coming....ART OF THE CAROLINAS is just around the corner...and I've been counting the days...
The lineup this year is just incredible...so many choices....so little time. I honestly spend the entire weekend there..taking workshops, hanging out at the trade show...shopping yes, but also meeting and learning from the most incredible artists on the planet.
So, join me...I'll be there...all weekend long, like a kid at Christmas...or in a candy store..but I'm sure to be dirty in paint, with lots of shopping bags, my camera, and my handy dandy notebook.
Oh, the joy...and anticipation..
Until next time,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Going Through The Motions....

Have you ever seen those....swirly storms, where a gust of wind picks up a few leaves, and before you know it, its a full blown funnel of leaves blowing all around. I'm not even sure of how to describe it, but I always call them "swirly storms".

Lately, I feel that I am in the midst of hundreds of swirly storms....and then you find me..going along at a snails pace with the world and LIFE swirling by. I don't know if I should even call it trapped or just plain out of sorts, but what I do know is that it is definitely time for a change. You see, my birthday is Christmas Eve, and this year, I'm looking at the BIG 4-0. Realizing that this life is the only one that I have, well, its time to step out of these swirly storms, and LIVE!

For years now, I have listened to motivational tapes and read uplifting books about living your dreams, and creating the life you desire, and yet, I have sat safely on the sidelines learning. Still not trusting me to make it happen....until now. I'm not sure of where this will take me, but this girl knows what she wants...and being trapped in the midst of hundreds of swirly storms is not it!! I just know that there is more out there for me, and that may be not living behind the "security" of a paycheck....you know...just going through the motions of life, but never actually jumping in. I want something more!! You see, there is a whisper inside me...just a tiny faint whisper of something more...something else...and for the longest time, I've kept it at bay... Since there are no re-do's in life, I want to live with no regrets...

Every morning, I want to jump out of bed ready for the day ahead...with excitement...and lately I've been feeling stuck...

So, with that all being said...I'm looking forward to what is ahead...I'm making my plan!!! Creating the life I've imagined...

Until next time,


Saturday, October 3, 2009

An Attitude of Gratitude

Hello Everyone,
Well, around here...its another beautiful day in paradise! Well, my kind of crazy paradise that is...I keep humming a song I used to know (now, I can't even remember who sings it, but its a country song) What a Beautiful Mess!!
The kids are sick, the house is trashed, I have mounds and mounds of papers to grade...did I mention the kids are sick..oh yeah, I did. I have 42 charms that have to be finished by Thursday for a swap, my studio is...thrashed is an understatement. What a beautiful mess I'm in!
Today, though, I am grateful. Although it seems that I am drowning in "stuff", I just love my crazy life!

There are quite a few things around here that could sure use some "boot camp" kind of fixing...you know, like my housekeeping skills, or my organization, but, this girl just loves it. My son is feeling much better these days, but my daughter is still quite under the weather...somehow, she finds the energy to fight with her brother...you just gotta love it.
Is it too soon to ask for another getaway?
Ok, so I must ask...what are you grateful for...there has to be something, even if you too are living your beautiful mess.
Until next time,


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