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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Time Simply Flies By.....

I promised before that I would be back before the new year, and gosh, I almost let that slip right by!!! Its hard to believe how quickly each day slips by and before you know it....weeks have gone by without a single post!!!
I have been arting each day in the studio....although, for a while, it felt like everything I touched was simply a disaster.....call it stuck, blocked, or whatever, but I was truly ready to close the door for forever!!!!
Sometimes, I find that having too much completely stiffles me....and my studio was getting way too cluttered with all of my "next great things". So much so that I was finding it very hard to create in there...My lesson learned on that one....Sometimes too much of a good thing is not good at all.
I truly hope that each of you are enjoying special times these days....we are on Christmas break, and well, I am doing my best to make the most of every single second!
Until next time,

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Dear Poor and Neglected Blog....

I honestly can't believe that it is December already, and I have let another month slip right by without posting anything new to my blog. I apologize to all of my blog friends out there. I promise that I will make it more of a priority to show up here more often, and share some things. I promise!!

So, Art of the Carolina's came and went in a flash. I always, always, always look so forward to that show. Its like a big family reunion. I think that this was my 9th year going, and I can't get enough of it. The energy, and the eye candy, and just so amazing. I demoed there again this year, and wow!! Just pure bliss! I don't think I even realized how exhausted I was......long, long days that seemed to slip by within minutes. I would get home at9 or 10ish each night, back up at 4:30am, and at the show by 8!!! Gotta love a great art getaway!!!

Somehow, the show leads to Art Overload for me. Maybe its all the eye candy, or all the ideas...or all the products that I just can't wait to try....then, I come back to my studio and want to play with it all at once..

I spent the Thanksgiving holiday clearing out some things in my studio....Oh, thats right, I got myself a Giant easel, and some Ginormous canvases....I will post some pics for you all soon. They both sit (a month later) still pristine...I did sit one of my journals on the easel to dry, so does that count for something.

I sent 2 full boxes of various art supplies to my son's art teacher...I just have a lot of stuff....Does one really need 11 filled watercolor palettes??? Really!! Or, 16 sets of watercolor pencils??? You see where this is going, right...

My clearing out project is still underway, but, I'm getting there. I also got a new "painting table", so I have to make room for it to go in my studio...Clearing out is so very refreshing. Sometimes, too much of a good thing, is not good at all...sometimes.

Anywho, I promise to come back before January rolls around....Promise!

Have a great Saturday!

Until next time,



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