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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 13...A Few Things...and a Great Mail Day!!!

Hi Blog Friends!
It's Day 13 here at my little place of art, and...if I may, I'd like a do-over...
I posted this yesterday and decided to revisit it after playing around with my watercolors this morning...and added the little swatches of color....

Now...onto Day 13 for real....I ran across notes that I took in church and this was at the top of my notes...WOW!!!!

Today, I got a few packages in the mail...some books from Amazon....
This is the one that I'm currently reading....Fabulous!!! I totally want to learn to draw even more now. This is such a great book...and I have always wanted to do this type of thing..where I no longer use images or stamps for expression (since I can't draw)....I'll get there!!! You'll see!

AND!!!! I got Kate's DVD set as well.... Holy Smokes Batman!!! This is beyond words so far!!! I started watching the first dvd and had to pause it and send her an email!!! Jeez....this is good! Its like you are sitting there with her...she is such a natural - so relaxed...and such great ideas that I've never even thought of!!! And...she totally makes me want - really, really want those spray inks and paints that she uses...I think they are Dylusions!! All I know is that they look so fabulous!!!

I will be busy, busy, busy for quite some time with my newest treasures....I am so very blessed that I have art in my life...I tell ya...its pure sanity for me. I will never ever be bored...and I love it!!

Until next time,


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PaperPumpkin said...

oooh oooh ooh! See, I wasn't going to purchase any more art stuff, but now you've gone and done it, Ophelia. And, i LOVE your page, especially the little patches of pastel colors on the left...I am drooling! ♥kath


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