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Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy Monday...

Good Monday morning everyone....
I'm dropping in to show one of my latest journal pages. Getting to the computer has just been tough.

I honestly don't know how things have gotten so busy around here, but I feel like I am always running - here to there. Karate, cheerleading, violin practice....and thats just my daughter. I feel like I live in the car!! In a few weeks though, cheerleading will be over, and I'm looking forward to simpler times.
I hope that you all enjoy your day...
Thanks for your visit. I mean that!!!
Until next time,

Sunday, October 16, 2011

October has been here....and I'm Late!!

Good Morning blog friends,
It is way past due, but here is my-not even close to being done October calendar, and, its late!!!

My poor calendar is already filled to the brim with "stuff" and I honestly can't figure out how we have gotten so busy. Football season is almost over for my son's school team, which also means that cheerleading is almost over for my daughter as well....which means we can scratch those off of the run like crazy in the evenings list!!
I will be back soon to post more of "Imagination Station" happening....
Enjoy your Sunday!!
Until next time,


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