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Monday, January 27, 2014

Guest Blogger

I am so thrilled and honored to be a guest blogger over at Jeniffer Hutchins blog.  I would love for you to head over and have a look at the Vision Board & Inspiration party that she has.

Hope that you all have a great Monday.
Until next time,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Snow Day!!

A 2 hour delay turned into a full blown school closed day for us today!!

I'm not sure of how much is actually out there...but I will take it!  My daughter and I made pancakes for breakfast....and sat down- pretending we were at a restaurant- and ate together.  So much better than our usual Poptart!!
An unexpected day off in the middle of the week...hmmm...whats a girl to do with herself????
Pull out the Gelli Plate!!!
I just don't get tired of printing!  The problem I find is that I create such a mess!!!
Stencils everywhere...
Then I start stacking stuff on top of stuff...
Geepers!!!  What a disaster!!
I also have some prepping to do as I am teaching this weekend at Jerrys!  If you are in the area, I would love for you to join me in the Hopes, Dreams, and Goals art journaling workshop...noon-3!
Contact Stacy at Jerrysartarama at 919-876-6610 if you are interested... or email me if you have any questions about it.  sstaton3@nc.rr.com
Welp, I hope that you have a great day....I am totally going to squeeze every minute out of this 8 hour gift I have been granted!
Until next time,

Friday, January 17, 2014

Working Hard and it Shows!!

Happy Friday everyone!  I have been knee deep in some awesome things in my studio, and honest to goodness it shows!
I mean seriously... How can I even get anything done in this space!!  
When I am in the "zone", I start pylling stuff out and all kinds of stuff is everywhere, and this morning, it just cracked me up that I could actually work like this!
Painting more Mulberry paper...just too much fun, and working in a journal getting ready for Vegas again this year where I will be filming once again!!
Super excited about that, but every time I actually think about it...I'm a nervous wreck!
Well... I promise to get that table picked up a bit soon...hopefully... Still have lots to do!
Until next time,

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Beautiful Gift...

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
Today, I was gifted with a school delay, and what a beautiful gift indeed...I honestly don't require much to be happy.
Instead of sleeping in, I took full advantage of this 2 hour blessing and went to the studio.
I am working more on the cover of my new journal...
And today, I even played a bit on canvas...oh, I'm back at that as well..
Very much a work in progress, but I did enjoy it!
Lots and lots of work to do in the studio as there are some great things happening over here!
I hope that you guys have a great day, and see the beautiful blessings in the little things today.
Until next time,

Friday, January 3, 2014

Thats a Wrap....

Happy Friday Morning everyone.  I hope that your day is off to a great start.  Around here, its nutts as usual, but today, being Friday is the last official day of our Winter Break, and its back to school on Monday.  Do you hear how sad I am in typing those words....sigh.  Something about not being on such a tight schedule just makes me so happy.  I have realized during this break that the more time I have, the less I get done....not even sure of how that works, but for me, its so true.
Its also a wrap on my journal that I was finishing up.....
This puppy is finished, and will take its place on the shelf with all the others that have made it to finished!  That feels so good!!!
Here is the last page.....my word of the year.  Abundance just kept popping up everywhere, and I knew it was meant just for me.  Not just abundance in my bank account....that would be awesome though...but Abundance of joy, peace, love, opportunity, resources.....that kind of abundance....
The last page of the journal is always just a recap....whats going on, and it is always nice to come back and revisit these pages.
And, my new journal....ready to be filled with all things that will remind me of my word of the year.
I hope that you all enjoy your day!  I, have a lot to do today, as somehow, I just didn't get it done during my 2 week break...so, lots of papers to grade, planning, and of course....chores.
Until next time,


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