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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Christmas Cheer...

I finally finished all the ornaments that I soldered, and its time to move on.

I took a class with Stephanie Rubiano at Art & Soul in Portland and the class was incredible, but I thought that I would never do it again...until.......

I found this picture of my daughter in the coat that my mom got for her a few years ago.....
So, here is the present for my mom. The photo and "stuffs" are placed in a shadow box...my daughters name is Madison...which you can't tell from the photo....sorry that the picture is not very well, but I was up to my ears in glue and paint trying to finish this before we head out of town today...
Lesson learned.....go back and revisit a technique you learned and see what you can make of it. I'm happy that I did, and I encourage you to do the same.
I hope you all have the best Christmas holiday ever.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

We Have A Winner...or 2!!

Hi you all,
Didn't realize how late its getting....
I've been working or more ornaments and shadow boxes as gifts which I'll post pictures of later.
So, my winner is...Sissy923.

And....lets have another winner as well....why not, its Christmas right...
so, Dia...you're also a lucky winner..

So Chris L & Dia, would send me your address, and I'll get you some goodies in the mail asap!!

Thank you all for playing....and keep checking back....you just never know what you'll find around here.

Until next time,

Spreading Holiday Cheer!!!

I wanted to share some of the ornaments that I am making as Christmas presents this year. These are the four that I'm giving to the girls that I teach with. They have come to realize that this is my most favorite image that I use in so many of my show & tells for them at work. I made atc's, then did soldering to make ornaments for their trees.... hope they like her!!

I'll pick an winner for my blog giveaway a bit later today...now, to wrap these guys....and, only about 18 more to make :)

Until next time,


Monday, December 15, 2008

You GOTTA Love a Give Away!!!

Melissa over at http://www.alterediva.blogspot.com/ is having a great give away for her 4th anniversary.... WAY COOL stuff...go check it out..
I have noticed that there have been a great deal of give aways going on on different blogs. What a great, easy way to get some really cool things to add to your stash of collection. Hey, all you have to do is leave a comment...so there really is nothing to lose...right.

So, in the spirit of giving....well, why not...
Just leave me a comment...and lets see what I can drum up around here to add to your mixed media arsenal!!
I will pick the winner on this Thursday, December 18th...so I can get it in the mail to you and maybe you'll have an extra little giftie to open under your tree...
Won't you join me???? Leave a comment...
Until next time.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I just found out that I'm the LUCKY winner of a blog giveaway!!!
This was done on Sharon's where you left your Holiday Memory...
Oh, how wonderful it was to relive holiday memories of my childhood...gosh, I'm lucky in both ways.
Until next time.

Good Morning....

I wanted to introduce you to someone...
She actually comes from a challenge on Jennifer's blog. If only I could draw a bit better, but I'm learning....or, should I say, its on my list of things to do before I die. But this is a futile attempt at drawing...
Anywho....meet my DIVA...

She speaks to me....letting me know that I AM AN ARTIST. That I should trust myself and my artistic ability...no matter my level. She lets me know that its time to spread my own wings... and well, FLY!! OK, so she is a bit puddgy around the waist...her lips and lipstick are way out of wack...but I"m quite proud of what I did... Right in the midst of doing this spread, I almost ripped it out...well because of the obvious...but I kept going...only really because the page right behind her I was fond of...
Anywho....she is my art DIVA...my muse...my cheerleader...no nasty words from her...NOPE!!
She just says "YOU GO GIRL" Where ever it be.....YOU GO!!
Until next time.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Few Things I Learned...

I wanted to share with you a few things I learned today....

First....I won't die without having Diet Coke with my lunch....(we were out)

Second....it is pretty fun to go through all of the stuff you have stashed in your studio and just play with something you haven't touched in a while.

That's exactly what I did today.... I pulled out my Twinkling H2O's and had a little fun.

I took an ATC blank (white card stock measuring 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 and went to town with my watercolor brush....layering color....

Here's more play...

And Finally, I stamped an image on my cardstock, embossed it, and colored inside the lines...

I encourage you to go on a dig in your own stash....It really is very inspiring.

Until next time,


Thursday, December 4, 2008

12 Days of Christmas

Hi you all...
Check out Tim Holtz as he does a tag a day for 12 days...
It really cool, plus, some fabulous giveaways.
Hope you have a great day!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

If It's Meant To Be....

Good Morning...
First, I'd like to thank all of you who have signed up for the paper swap. This promises to be a lot of fun. From the papers that I have seen so far, its going to be a great deal of fun. Somehow, I have a brand new obsession with hand painted paper or altered paper...imagine that.Wanted to share with you another page from my journal.....
I've decided that if its meant to be....it truly is up to me....No more waiting on the sidelines of life...its time to just jump in and, well, live.
Enjooy your day...

Friday, November 28, 2008

Wanna Play????

I was thinking today about having some fun with altered papers....
These papers could be used as backgrounds for your journals, cards, altered books, collage, or whatever suits your fancy.
So, I was thinkink of doing an altered paper swap....
Each participant would make decorate 6 papers....heavy cardstock, ledger paper, rice paper, bristol paper....sized around 8 x 10 and we'll swap.
Pull out your paints, inks, stamps, watercolors...whatever media you choose and let the altering begin. Use your imagination and just have fun.
To see some examples of a swap I participated in last year on artezine go here http://www.art-e-zine.co.uk/decpap.html
This will be a lot of fun...so if you'd like to join me...send me email me sstaton3@nc.rr.com and I'll add you name. We would need at least 6 players.
Pages must be in my hands by December 12th so they can be swapped out and mailed back out on December 15. Mail without folding them and put in some type of baggie so they won't get damaged. Also, put attach your name/email on your baggie....and include a self addressed return envie with enough postage to get your package back to you.
So....wanna play??? Hurry....I will close sign ups on this Sunday, November 30th!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Counting My Blessings

Good Morning....

Seems that I couldn't sleep, and this morning it was rise and shine at 2:30am....so up to the studio I went to catch up on a few things. Honest...I've been on art overload lately. Just truly inspired these days to put paint on paper.

First up....Jennifer's new prompt for this week was Count Your Blessings.
Here's what I did...

Just a listing of things that I am oh so thankful for...

Also, getting back to posting pictures of my "Quest": "Finding Ophelia" just, well, talks about me...what I love, don't like, my roles, my perfect day...just things that make me, "me".
I hope you enjoy these creations....
But, before I go....what is it that makes you - you? Whats your perfet day? What kinds of things do you like?
I've let mine spill onto my pages...and I encourage you to do the same.
Have I said lately how much I am LOVING my new Inks by Liquitex. I have honestly been able to write over all of my painted surfaces so far... Now, to get some different sized nibs to play around with...
Until next time...

Monday, November 24, 2008

One More Thing...

I made an ATC for the Altered Designs Yahoo Group that I belong to for the Handwritten ATC Mingle....and this was just so timely as I have found and totally fallen in love with Liquitex Inks.

So I made another one....

These inks have to be my absolute favorite.....no more worries of finding the right pen to write over my acrylic paints and such.....I just love them.
I found them last weekend at The Art of the Carolina's Show put on by Jerrys Artarama. What a great show. Lots of artist teaching workshops and vendors....you can find all kinds of art supplies for way cheap.
Michele Theberege was there demonstrating for Liquitex..... She showed me what I could do with them, and pointed me in the right direction for the the proper writing instrument....Dip Pens or Nib Pens...I think they are also called Lettering Pens...and well....I bought every color of the inks they had, and all the different sized nibs I could find :) I'll have to post more about my weekend there later....because it ROCKED!
Until next time,

Playing Catchup

I have been following Jen's Blog and on Monday, she gives a promt. I wanted to share what I have been creating so far.
Her first prompt (a few weeks ago) was Seasons of Change, and this is what I made.
Last weeks prompt was "Words to Live By"....and I did a page called "It's About Time"

I am beginning to think that she has been searching around in my head and heart as she comes up with these prompts because they are so relevant to what is going on right now. You can find out more at http://artisticallydesigneddiversions.blogspot.com/.
I will try to post more of my happenings today...that is until the Vicodin sets in and its lights out.
Until next time,

The Greatest Intentions

I have had the greatest intentions of blogging weekly and somehow, life gets in the way....this time lets chalk it up to a bum nerve in my face that has put me in bed for the last week and a half....so I"m quite behind.

I wanted to share with you a page I did in my journal to pay homage to those that have influenced me.... Enjoy.

Those that came before me have been important in shaping who I am. Some of you may certainly know what I mean....
My Grandmothers and Aunts who wanted me to sit and watch them quilt, when all I wanted to do was be outside climbing trees :) or my Mom with her true words of wisdom (which when I was younger, I thought she was just all words and had no idea of what she was even talking about) Enough already was all I thought...there are trees to climb. Or my uncles who tried to tell me over and over the important family history....and I was bored to almost tears while sitting and pretending to listen to the hours of talks.... My Dad who preached the importance of hard work.....right, right, I understand...tree climbing and rock play are definitely hard :)
As time has gone by though, I realized how important each of these valuable lessons were to who I am.... and now that some of my influences have passed away, oh, how I regret that I didn't sit and soak up every moment of being in their presence. There is so much that I want to learn from them.
Can you believe I learned to Quilt....and that I truly don't enjoy the outdoors anymore... my, how the times do change. As I now try to impress those same lessons on my own children and get those same far away looks from them as I remember having, I just have to grin....knowing that some if it will soak in...
Today, though, I will pay homage to those that made an impression on me and shaped who I am today.... those that let me know the importance of family, hard work, a good education....those kinds of things...
I invite you to do the same..
Until next time.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

What Am I Doing Exactly????

Setting out on a Journey...

This journal is a Keeper.... A keeper of thoughts, dreams, and memories as I explore who I am. I can only imagine what a precious find this will be later for my children, hopefully. But, thats not to matter now....what is important is that I do what is necessary now to create the life that I imagine myself having.

Got my bags packed.....and I'm off.

I invite you to come along.

Until next time.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let The Quest Begin....

I have had a chance to start in my journal....for this though, I am using an old book.
What I did was go through the book and cut out every third page to begin.

I then applied gesso to the inside cover and first few pages of my book, as I wanted to "claim" this book as my own for this QUEST.

On last year in Hampton, Virginia at Art & Soul, I took classes from Traci Bunkers and Juliana Coles and they both completely changed the way that I journaled. I learned so much from these gals and I'm deeply grateful that they were so both willing to share all that they know in these classes.

So, my book is claimed as my own for this journey that I'm about to embark on, and I wanted to share with you so far what I have done.

I basically just began with "This Book Belongs To......
And on the next pages I have "A Safe Place To....." I chose to use words like: Dream, Explore, Become, Create.
Are you on a Quest of Your Own?
So many people have contacted me about how my Quest has inspired them to look deep into who they are.
I encourage you to do the same.
Until Next Time,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Looking Ahead

As I quickly approach my 39th (ok, I said it) birthday, I have been doing alot of thinking as to who I am, and exactly what I want. So many questions to answer and address, and I have found this "theme" showing up alot in my journal pages lately.
I also can't believe that I'm at the end of my journal, and it usually takes me the entire year, but I guess I've been busy lately.

I have decided that I will address this "Who I Am" issue in a special journal....it will be my Soul Quest. I think thats what I will call it....stay tuned though, it may change. But, on the Soul Quest, I will dig deeper into just who I am....not just the who, but, really the WHO....what my passions are.....my dreams....those things.

You may want to join me on this quest. If so, email me and let me know. I'd love to see what others will do with the same prompts that I have already been thinking about. And, I did a page already with some of the questions that I hope to address....

I will attempt to journal weekly about some of the things that I want to discover about me....just getting some things out as I get closer to the BIG 40. Kind of like a self check, I guess. (There are so many things yet to be checked off of my "list of things to do before I die")

Supplies You'll Need:

1. A blank journal or sketchbook or an old book...not the one with shiny pages though.

2. Gesso

3. Paints - my favorites are Golden and Matisse...use what you have on hand though.

4. Your favorite alphabet stamps and other rubberstamps that you might enjoy using. Anything else that you can find to stamp with such as wine bottle corks, tiny plastic cups, paint scrappers, etc.

5. Marking tools....gel pens, sharpies, markers, watercolor crayons, colored pencils...just whatever you have.

6. Ephemera....old maps (yup, this is a journey, ledger paper, collage sheets of old photos and other images. decorated paper. So many people have contacted me and have purchased my Collage Packs...now would be a good time to use it.

7. Ink pads ( I use Ranger Adirondack)

8. Masking Tape...my new favorite design element (also helps to make my pages sturdy)

9. Paint Brushes

10. Glue Stick or other glue.

Hopefully most of this stuff you will have on hand. I am learning to use what I have (which is one of the things I will address in my new journal) We'll see how well it goes :)

I hope you'll join me....heck, maybe it will keep me on track!! I just know that this has to be done for me. A quest to "Find Ophelia"

Until next time,

Me :)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm Back!!!!

I can't tell you how lucky I am to be surrounded by such good people. Sometimes, people just happen into your life for no apparant reason, until later you find that they are exactly what you need to have around you. I spent an evening with such a friend..... Lovely Linda and she once again inspired me to get back to posting to my blog. I came home after our visit and journaled about our evening...oh, how we laughed and shared good times....her show and tell always inspires me...and today, well, I'm back....thanks so much for the evening of inspiration, Linda.

Summer vacation did really fly by, and before I knew what had hit me, it was back to school. Back to the hustle and bustle of being back at work...where oh where did the lazy days of summer get to. I did spend some time in my studio...trying to get it organized...and somehow, in the process of packing to go away for Art & Soul in Portland, I trashed it again :)

Here is a little sneak peek though...and I promise, I'll clean it...um, someday.

What A Mess!!!!!

Speaking of Art & Soul....I had the most fabulous time....I realized though, that jewelry making is not for me....torches!!! who invited fire to the party? I really did take some great classes including one on organizing my studio...better get busy. I'll have to post pictures of the retreat once I get the mess in my studio unpacked and put away.

There is something magical that happens at art retreats. Just being around so many incredible people who share the same passion as you is just an experience of a lifetime. I'm already registered for Art & Soul in Hampton!!!

Anywho, thanks blogland for welcoming me back and still being here for me to ramble on and on. I hope that like my friend Linda, I have inspired someone out there to get back to their own blog...

Here's to you Linda!!

Until next time,


Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy Monday!

Hello Bloggers....
I hope you are having a great Monday so far. I have been busy in my studio, still organizing and putting things back to normal, and its almost there. I can't WAIT to get it all done.
Anywho....the winner for tonight's blog giveaway is...................Sarah Whitmire!!!!!!
Congrats Sarah, email me with your information, and I'll get this in the mail.
Until next time,

Friday, July 25, 2008


I am truly touched by the amount of people that warmly welcomed me to the Land of Blog :)
I appreciate you all for accepting my invitation to come over and check out my site. So, as a thank you, I am giving away a Collage Pack, and an ATC which will be a surpise. All you have to do is leave a comment, and I will draw a name on Monday....
It is amazing that in the midst of my studio makeover, I have been able to actually get any work done. I've completed 2 journal pages that I wanted to share

The studio is ALMOST ready for visitors. It truly is trashed right now. There is stuff everywhere, but when its done, it will truly be worth the effort.
Have a great weekend....

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have had this blog space for some time now, and have finally made myself sit down and post. I have to send a special "Thank You" to my friend Lovely Linda, who helped me with how to actually send posts and attach pictures.....

So, here goes!!

Summer vacation is quickly passing, and I have been busy in my studio. First, I realized that my studio needed a makeover....so, I decided to change things up.

Way too cramped and unorganized....so, I started changing around the furniture, and this is what I've come up with...there are still things out of place....I need to find shelving for my library, but, its getting there....I'll upload pictures when things are a little more in place.

I finally have more collage packs together now as well. They are $10.00 each, and include tons of stuff....sheet music, dictionary pages, ledger pages, vintage paper goods, collage images, photos, puzzle pieces, tickets, tags, ribbons, beads, buttons.....all kinds of things.

I've been busy creating as well... Here is an atc that I made, and I also used this image to make charms for a swap that I was in....

And teaching..... I taught this little Beaded Mini Quilt at our local bead store, Panopolie.

I'm excited about being able to share my musings and art with you all here...

Check back, you never know what you'll find.



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