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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Day 3 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Hi Blogfriends,
I hope todays post finds you very well.  Today was back to wotk for me, and after being on break for nearly two weeks, I was exhausted...by 10am.  Re-entry is always so hard for me....sigh.
Anywho, my day 3 is a little one today, but its complete. 
Somedays, I hum right along in my studio, and some days every single thing I do is a struggle...everything.  Today was one of those days of struggle, but I shall keep going with this.
Also in my studio, I have been seriously stalling on this guy...a 30 x 30 that has been sitting, empty on my easel for a few days.  That voice that constantly spews all of the negative at me wonders why in the world I would ever start such a big canvas when I know that a canvas scares me..why, it shouts...
Well, today I had a conversation with said nasty voice, then, I slapped my leftover paint on this puppy and walked away, feeling large and in charge about it!!
I think I will name this next series of paintings Conversations.
Randon...but I am the only person on this earth that finds extreme joy in peeling paint off of my palette.....or, is that another stalling tactic I have developed?
See you right here tomorrow with Day 4!
Until next time,


Kari said...

Fantastic! I love both of these.

Dotty Seiter said...

Ophelia, your paintings draw me in. I'm liking 'em! I'm busy beyond busy right now but still, I scrolled through several of your blog posts and look forward to further poking around.

You stopped me in my tracks with your 30x30" canvas. I JUST a week or two ago finished my very first of that size (way bigger than how I usually work) after many starts and stops and at least two occasions of painting gesso over the whole canvas and starting over from scratch (with history galore underneath). Wild ride. If you'd like a look-see, go to . First marks went on the canvas on July 7; then messed with it a bunch and posted on Aug 30; finally got serious and worked fairly steadily Nov 25 - Dec 28.

Can't wait to see how YOUR 30x30" evolves. I'll be watching and cheering.

So glad to have connected with you and your art through the 30in30 challenge.


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