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Thursday, January 5, 2017

30 Paintjngs in 30 Days-Day 5

Tonights mission was to get color down...yes, thats all.  Between a tough day at work, and my daughters basketball game, I did not seek the amazing tonight while working in the studio.  I knew walking in the door at 6:30pm that tonight was not the night to get all fancy.  Working small, and on paper allows me such "no pressure" time in the studio...I love that!
4x6 Acrylic
Greeting Card

I have been loving the idea of scribbles lately...you know, just making random marks.  They make me happy.
I will see you right back here tomorrow for Day 6!
Until next time,


sue furrow said...

Thanks for your comment about the title 'cosmic intentions'. I have always struggled with titles so I started keeping a little notebook of titles or words as I find them. This has been one of the smartest things I've ever done. So much easier now. AND I'm loving the scribbles also. I enjoyed looking at your creations.

Laurie Mueller said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Ophelia! Gives me the chance to explore your wonderful, and energenic art!

martine paquet said...

I love your colorful abstracts!
This one is gorgeous, wuth all the reds.
Happy challenge to you!

Dotty Seiter said...

Ophelia, I enjoy your posts, getting to see little glimpses into how you approach your art and what art brings to you. Your words and art resonate with me. Today's connection: 1) working small, on paper, 2) just getting color down, and 3) scribbles—they are so happy-making, I have to agree!


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