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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 17-30 Paintings in 30 Days

Its dark out...its been a long, long day.  I am exhausted, and its only Tuesday.
 I like playing around with "landscapeish" looking paintings(is that even a word for it)?  I just find that they are fun. This is a 20x20 canvas which is in the ginormous catagory for me.  But tonight, I needed space.  I am thinking this type of painting will be a series--Where I Belong.  
I will be back tomorrow 😊.
Until next time,


Sheila said...

That is ginormous! And this is terrific!

carol edan said...

Love it and love abstract landscapes in particular!! Early morning light feeling!!!

Dotty Seiter said...

Your paintings often wake up someone inside me. This one:

I'm a settler in the midwest during westward expansion. Long day, a steady march of physical chores. Supper has been cleared away and mostly cleaned up. My family is tending to outdoor evening chores. I step out back into a space of stillness, to be still, to tick off on my fingers ten gratitudes for the day.

bella said...

I love your landscapy canvases. This was is very calming to me.


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