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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Day 11-30 Paintings in 30 Days

Cutting it really close here.
Another snow day, and time just got away from me.  Errands to run, dinner to be made, some cleaning to be done.
This was all I could accomplish tonight...sigh.
Not happy at all with what is going on in my studio lately.  I wonder if other people feel this way as they are creating?
No worries though, I will not quit and will be right back here tomorrow with Day 12.
Until next time,


Kari said...

We all feel unhappy with our work at times. Not every work is going to be amazing and sometimes that gets frustrating. Don't be hard on yourself. Just keep working.

Dotty Seiter said...

Kari, ANOTHER snow day? Wonderful as snow days can be, I think you might need your regular routines and structure back. You know how counterpressure can be just the thing to right certain situations? Either way, hooray for you for getting to your studio no matter what. Showing up is vital in this life : )

Cheering you on,

carol edan said...

Hi Ophelia, I feel positive in this little new plant. Really wish I could see what you are writing around the shapes!


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