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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Day 12-30 Paintings in 30 Days

After my day yesterday in the studio, I was up this morning well before 4 to get my revenge.  Ok, maybe thats a bit dramatic, but I knew today had to be better.
A small landscape made an appearance today, and I am quite happy with it.  I feel like I need to name this series of landscapes "Where I Belong".
Not sure of a good name for these, but, I will be right back here tomorrow with Day 13.
Until next time,


Dotty Seiter said...

So wonderfully cheery and carefree; uplifting colors and movement. I love your daily reaffirmation that you "will be right back here tomorrow."

carol edan said...

Dotty put it right on.. best thing for the gray day out my window!!! Love that green!!!


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