Friday, January 8, 2010

Look What I Got!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!
I have been gifted today with a 2 hour delay for school, so I really had a blast in the studio this morning!!
First, I wanted to share with you a "special" gift that I gave myself for my birthday...I know it was last month, but I'm 40 now....maybe I should give myself 40 gifts...hmmm...that's a thought..
Anyway, you may know about Julie Prichard....if not, head on over!! She actually has a noew class starting today on her website and the video for the class looks awesome. I have taken her layer love class before, and I tell ya, you get way more than you pay for...
Back to what I was saying....I headed over to her site one day because I sooooo want to take her SuperNova journaling class. Its a two part class and the first part teaches you to make your own books/journals...WOW! Anywho....I was looking around at all of the videos and then in searching more on her site, I clicked on her Shop tab..... well, lets just say that I am the new owner of the California Dreams journal!!!

I got it on yesterday, and I have to tell you how much more beautiful it is in person! The thing that I am most impressed by, is that yes, I got it superfast, but there was also tucked inside of my beautifully wrapped package, a HANDWRITTEN note!! I am no stranger to shopping...believe me, but this is honestly the first time that I have gotten a handwritten note from someone THANKING me.

I know this sounds like a Julie Prichard commercial...but honestly, I am just a very happy customer and a happy student.... I was so impressed with her personal touches!

Moving on though....I decided today to journal about what I know just to put it out there...heck, its Friday, and I'm 40! That never ever gets old.
Hope you make it the best day ever....
Until next time,


Mary said...

I love the journal!!! I saw it on her site, and almost snagged it myself!! By the way, her class is great.

I know what you mean about saying, "I'm 40" lol just wait till you can say "I'm 50!!! Even better!!!! :)

Great journal page too - love the color!!!

Mar said...

40 gifts sounds like a good plan!
happy birthday!
all of julies classes are worth exploring!

Julie said...

Happy birthday!! Thank you again for believing in my art!


thekathrynwheel said...

I LOVE the journal page - the colours are fab :-)

thekathrynwheel said...

I'm back! Just wanted to tell you that I've just signed up for Julie Prichard's new color class! Yay! I want to do Layer Love too but one step at a time.....