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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Already A Slacker!!!

I am in need of a coach....a 24-7 on my case get it done, Ophelia, kind of coach.....left to my own, I have been a slacker....
Everynight, I have lost HOURS just hanging out on the computer....lost in cyberspace, and well, the wonderful world of blogs. Before I know it, its time to head to bed, and I've not gotten a single thing done...bad, bad, bad!!!
I realize that I am in serious need of discipline....set my schedule, and keep to it...remember, I have big goals, and well, they aren't going to happen by magic.
A coach....a business coach, life coach, art coach, workout coach....a good coach!
Today however is another day....a fresh start...so, I will start today. Again, but none the less, I will start.
Until next time,


Mary said...

Hi Ophelia, nice to meet you. I really like your journal pages. I like the colors combination's you use, and how you leave lots of room for journaling.

Thanks for "following" my blog. You are the 100 follower!! I know blogging is not about numbers, but somehow that made me smile!!

Have a great day, and I so know about needing someone to stay on my heels!! I can get to the end of a day and wonder what in the heck I did all day!!!!

Mar said...

i have the SAME problem!!!!
hmmm maybe discipline will beom my word for the year
i sure need it!

Mar said...

and i can't spell!

Amy said...

You are describing me.


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