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Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Call for Help!!

I am writing to you this morning with a call for help. I realize that most of us have given to charities and people in need so much lately, that there is little that we can honestly give anymore. Icome to you today however, with a true need for help.

There is a family that is in desparate need of financial help.....and I have found that I have to do all that I can to help as this weigh so heavily on my heart.

They are in danger of losing their home and pretty much everything that they own due to illness and being out of work for several months.

I am sending them some money to help with utilities and other things, but their need is far greater than I can help with.....so I come to you for help.

I tried to think of ways that I could raise additional money for them, and this of course, led me to my studio. I am making collage packs, and would like to offer them for $20 which includes shipping for your donation.
These packs are a 12 x 12 bag filled with collage goodness. There are vintage ledger pages, at least 3 of them, dictionary pages, foreign text pages, tags, library pockets, tickets.....so much stuff in there that its hard to name. These packs would be great for altered book artists, art journals, cardmaking...anything that you would like to alter and add ephemera to!

I also have painted paper packs......$20 including shipping as well.
Again, a 12x12 bag including at least 40 sheets of various size and types of painted papers......once again to be used in all of your altered art needs.
If its fabric that tickles your fabric....I've got you covered as well. A 12x12 bag filled with many sizes of fabrics to include both commercial fabrics as well as hand dyed fabrics.
Each pack is $20 which includes shipping. I will also be putting up some bead and button "stews" as well as packs with various sizes of scrapbooking papers and such.
I would love your help with this. You can purchase any of my packs through paypal to sstaton3@nc.rr.com..... and I would love for you to send my post to all of your friends as well. Every bit helps. Email me with your choice of pack....or with any questions as well.
Thanks so much!!!!!!!
Until next time,


Penny A said...

what a wonderful idea! you rock, girlie! i am heading for the e-mail right now ;-)

Jennifer R.D. said...

Hi Ophelia,
I will post about your post and include a link.
Good luck with your efforts!

Ophelia said...

I am just amazed at the generosity of others!!!!

Carmen said...

I just shared your post on Facebook. Best of luck to your friend.


~Barb~ said...

Having just lost our home to foreclosure ourselves (also due to illness), I don't have the cash to help anyone out right now....but I do understand and can so commiserate. I will be twittering about your "Call for Help" right now...I wish I had a friend like you that had helped us out. You are a true gem.
Peace & Love,

Mar said...

i am sorry to hear about yet another tradgedy...i will place it on my facebook page...perhaps someone is looking for a machine like the one you are offering...sad times for sure!


Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson said...

Ophelia, how do I get my hands on some collage packs? I need to ask if they are painted with lightfast paints? Acrylic or fluid acrylic? no water soluble (water color or tempera) I need them not to reconstitute when I add glue. I'm very interested and can PayPal you the funds. ejnelson@mac.com

jessicamae3 said...


snowbird42 said...

I sent $$$ and an e-mail with my address. Got your request from Susan Shie
Look forward to my collage materials and thanks for caring for someone in need.probi


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