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Friday, December 27, 2013

Documenting my Day...

Happy Friday!  I hope that you all had the most wonderful Christmas!  Here at the Staton house, we sure did!!!  We usually travel to my parents for the holiday, but this year, my husband was on call, so we did not have to pack the car and hit the road in the crazy holiday traffic, and that was a gift in itself!!
Christmas Eve is my birthday, and well, it was just awesome!!  Spending time with the kids--planning our dinner menu (serious confession:  I can NOT cook!)

A glorious Christmas day--just us, and the kids really enjoyed the presents!  Whew!
Now, to the studio....just a few more days in 2014, and I have about 8 more pages to go....yes, I have been splashing, painting, spraying, and glueing like mad to get this journal done....
 I realized after doing this page....its no wonder that I am always running around like crazy....because...I'm ALWAYS running around!!
I hope that you all have the greatest day ever.....  I'm going to head back to the studio to get the rest of this journal DONE!!
Until next time,


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Oh! Happy belated birthday, Ophelia!!! Glad it was wonderful for you, with your family!

Tracy said...

You've been so busy filling those art journal pages! How do you fit it in with the manic days you have? :)
Glad Christmas and your birthday were fun. Sometimes a quiet Christmas at home is the best.

Giggles said...

Oh I so understand the gift of staying home with loved ones...glad you had a wonderful time!! Nice journal page...I hope you can stop running around long enough to enjoy some creative time!!

Hugs Giggles


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