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Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Day of Reckoning...

Good Thursday morning to all of you here in Blog Land!  Hope your day is off to a great start!
I have come to realize that it usually takes about a year or so to complete a journal. I use a plain sketchbook, with 100 pages, so it takes just over a year to get to the end.  With that being said, I REALLY want to finish this journal that I am working in before the end of this year!!
Because I work in about three journals at once...my day to day journal, an all around work horse journal (I will share more on that one), and my art journal, I have a lot of pages that are just backgrounds that I started in a demo and have just nevwr gotten back to.  
I realized that I have about 50 journals that are on my shelf unused and ready for my marks---remember my last post from Jerrys with all the eye candy...I tell you, I have quite the collection of stuff...  
For this page, I pulled out my rubber stamps, embossing powder, and my Distress Ink Pads--those were quite dusty!!
Not sure of why I feel that my pages have to be perfect and likeable these days.  I started art journaling because it was so freeing, yet, it seems that I have put myself in a box of needing approval.  Crazy, huh??
I will keep at it... Because, I have at least 50 plus years of journals that need my marks, thoughts, and color.
Until next time,


Anonymous said...

Wow! that is a lot of needy journals, lol you best stay on the healthy side. I love the depth of the first piece, the green background. Red is like pow! a punch in the face, I like that too. Not a punch in the face just the wow feeling it inspires. lol

Vicki Miller said...

And I thought I had too many journals! Only 26 on the go at the moment lol! love your pages.

Jackie said...

Two fabulous pages - promises of what is to come in the next 50. I find my journals give me enjoyment and learning - a great combination.

Susan Carol said...

I love your pages - beautiful, really really love that orangy red. That's funny that you now want approval after having found art journaling freeing! Funny cos I've only started this year and having been a bit of a perfectist am really finding it freeing, but I still like my pages to be liked!

missy k said...

That is a lot of journals!

Good luck with finishing up the one for this year. Would it be cheating to glue some of the pages together?

Just a thought if you are struggling to get it done!

Karen x


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