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Friday, December 17, 2010

Look Out World!!!

This gal is going through some changes!

Its almost my birthday, and, well, let the thinking begin. Last night, I had a lightening bolt kind of thought, and, well, there will be some changes happening around here....

I know, I know, I've said it before, but this one is BIG! and believe it or not....I'm ready!

My poor family has to put up with me and my birthday....I start early....89 more days to my birthday....35 more days til my birthday...you get the picture, and yes, I drive them CRAZY! Well, 7 more days until my birthday!!!!!!!! I'm staring down the barrel at 41...gosh, time flies! Turning 40 was great although I didn't really make the most of it as I should have...there were a few things that I left out there, but all in all....I'm happy with the year....but...there is still lots to do..and I always feel that I'm Under Construction, and I see that as a good thing!

I have been thinking for quite time....and, yes, I sometimes think WAY too much for my own good...but, what if I really acted on some of it...how different would my life really look....With that being said....do you know the saying "Create the Life You've Imagined"...Gosh, what if I truly put that in front of me every single day!
Can you imagine how awesome we would be!!
So....last night I was doing some blog looking, and youtubing (it was a snow day...and I had to make the most of it...right??) Totally, and completely inspired definitely, but there was a little bit of something that just made me kind of bummed....you know, that I'll never be as great as...nasty old thinking...

Just be Me is so easy to say, but man, oh man is it hard to live....I'm gonna try though...you'll see
I figured that I had just been up way to late after my bedtime and just wasn't thinking clearly...it was 9pm for heaven sakes! So, I went to my studio, grabbed a few books, and settled in nicely...

If you have ever taken a workshop with Robert Burridge, you will understand why I'm crazy about him! He is such a fantastic artist, and just so incredibly awesome! A few years back, I took his Loosen Up workshop, and because you know me so well, you know that all of my excitement stayed in my seat there in the workshop...somehow, it didn't make it back to my studio with me....I picked up my Loosen Up workshop book last night, and BAM!!! Just like that, it was back! Oh....I could hardly sleep....

This girl wants to be BOLD....BOLD!! You know my issues with canvas..right...I want to break out of the security of my journals and do something BIG and BOLD...
I was asked some time ago why I don't work on canvas, and I only could come up with - I'm too chicken...well, that set me to thinking (see there I go again) but it dawned on me that my journal provides a sense of security, where I can still hide my "work".....I have never really put my art out there...well, here, but never out THERE...definitely too chicken for that....so, my journals stay safely tucked away in my studio for me to enjoy. I want to change that....oh, definitely the journaling EVERY day will continue...that is a ginormous part of me that will never be lost, but I want more!!!! Stay tuned!!!

I have been gifted with an early christmas present as our schools are closed again today.....Christmas vacation begins!!!! My kids and I will get in the car soon and head out to my parents....where I will kiss there little heads, and squeal my tires, so that they can have 5 days of bliss with my parents....and I can enjoy those same 5 days as I please!!!!!!!! YEEEE HAWWWW!!!!

My husband is on call, so we will not be heading there this Christmas as we usually do, and its gonna be a good thing....I think.....or, I'll make it good. Its just so hard to be away from my family during this time, but, we will spend a few days before Christmas with them, then head back home! But...until then, while my kids are enjoying all of the spoiling that only a Granny can give....I will be here playing in my studio....I have play dates planned with some of my firends....LOTS of Christmas shopping to get done....you don't honestly think that I've started anything yet, do you?????and some good ole fashion R&R!!!!

If you've made it to this......thank you for listening to me ramble!!! I hope you enjoy your day....I'm gonna!!!

Until next time,


Mary said...

Oh Opheila I am so excited for you. 5 whole days to play. I would encourage you to pick up a canvas and just splash paint all over it. Just play...then add some more gesso and start over (unless you love what you did, and you may) :) Some of my paintings have several, well even more than several layers/paintings under paintings. And I tell you those are some of my favorites. Those layers give the finished piece so much texture. But in the making of it I learn what I like and do not like as well. And those layers remind me of my life too....some ugly, some beautiful.

So, you are a Christmas Eve baby!!
Both my sons were born in Dec. My oldest came home from the hospital on Christmas Eve in a big stocking the nurses provided.

Have fun my friend!

Marilyn Rock said...

We are all under construction; love this post! Thank you. And; I just discovered Robert Burridge and he blows me away. Take the leap with canvas; your art is amazing! The world should see it! Happy Holidays! xxoo

PaperPumpkin said...

hi! Well, I am feeling excited for you now too!! My birthday is in...31 days. But, it's the BIG one...shhhh, don't tell anybody. I'm scared!

Gaby Bee said...

Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Gaby xo

Chris said...

I enjoyed the 'ramble' lol. your art is gorgeous girl... so stop hiding it and get it out there :D

Canvas is scary...I think so too but I have a new saying... feel the fear and do it anyway and hey practice makes perfect eh ;-p
Chris xx

Anonymous said...

Ophelia..I sure feelia!

I loved listening to you 'ramble'...it was just the break I needed, to sit and listen to another artist in her creative brainstorm and inspiration mode!

I love your thoughts! canvas...bigger, more....never give up journaling it's way too ginormous! i agree....

you said so much, and I agree with all of it....
so I can't wait to see what you will be up to!

a great transformation is under way! look out world!

ciao bella

creative carmelina

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Happy (early) birthday, my friend! Have a wonderful time in your studio, and "Be Bold" (I LOVE that piece) with your canvas!
Lots of love, and Merry Christmas too.

Sunny Lee said...

I don't mind your work not on canvas.
I love..love~ your style anyhow~!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas Opheila~ :)

Michelle Alexander said...

I know you can do it Ophelia! Just walk up to that canvas and show it who is boss! Be yourself and just let it flow!
Michelle :)


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