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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Life Is RUFF!!

This is my first year teaching highschool, and I have to tell you....its completely different from everything I have done. I've always taught middle schoolers, and I am the first to admit...I LOVE them. This year has just been completely different...and its only day 7!! Highschool is a whole new deal.

I am feeling quite overwhelmed, and still trying to find my way, so with that being said...

I need a getaway! Seriously! Mountains, Beach...doesn't matter. Just need some away, alone time. That is usually how I problem solve and get my head straight.

Luckily this is a long weekend...will I have the time to getaway...probably not. But I will carve out some time for my me. Serious alone time. That will do for now.
Welp, its off to another day! Wish me luck :)
Until next time,


Mar said...

you will find your way...a very dear friend says the same exact thing about teaching high school
it isn't just you...not that that probably helps...hope you had your time this weekend..

Jeanne Rhea said...

I feel for you! I could never be a high school teacher. Kindergarten through sixth grade or college. That would be it for me. Hope you got away---mentally if not physically.


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