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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Bit Better Today...

Happy Tuesday, Bloggers!

I am feeling a bit better today...a wee bit, but the show must go on!!

Made it up to my studio this morning for a tiny bit of art. Yes, my throat is still on fire, and my head is sure to blow momentarily, but, art prevails!

I have spoken lately about Thoughts Becoming Things, and Putting Your Desires out there....well, today, I must own up to that!

See, I started a business back in February with Silpada Designs, and this month....I am so close to making my next rank...Senior Rep. So, I put it down today...in words, that this next rank shall be mine!
So, I must get busy...just thinking about it won't make it happen...I'm learning this ACTION thing...which will show up in another post :)
Wish me luck my friends....I will keep you posted!
Until next time,


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