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Monday, August 31, 2009

Have You Ever?????

Verbalized the Desires of your Heart....
For me, I have always dreamed of something....but to actually put them out there is totally different for me. To actually tell another person the true desires of your heart is somehow freeing. Sorry I can't do a better job and scanning this today...its quite early and my coffee hasn't kicked in yet :)
Rather it be so far fetched that you even cringe to say it...or simple, its still quite freeing. I challenge you to give it a try.
I have still been drawing every night...and boy, do I have a long, long, long way to go.

I apologize that my scans are not so great...but I'm drawing anyway. I can't believe that I am even sharing these as they are just so bbbbaaaadddd!!
A few YEARS from now maybe when I post more peeks from my sketchbook...there will be some amazing things...maybe.
Until next time,


Mar said...

they are not bad!
you might feel they aren't where you want them to become
but that you are drawing is the main thing
and realizing that dream

Brenda said...

I have always felt the same way. Wanted to draw. That's how I got started with rubber stamps.
I try, but I need to try everyday. Starting TODAY!


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