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Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Huge Slap in the Face for FEAR

I will be the first to admit, that I usually let fear stop me from doing a lot of things.
Fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of failing....FEAR!
I realized when I had my bit of "quiet time" as I was unpacking the contents for the Art of the Carolina's challenge that fear had once again stepped in. There was a lot of internal dialog...even as I was unpacking the bag, as to why I could not pull this challenge off, and I sat there thinking of creative ways to let the group know why I could not participate....wow, talk about time wasted. In full agitation, I just slapped paint on the canvas, and began.
I wonder if this in normal....being afraid, but then letting go and just jumping in.
I also wonder how many opportunities I have let pass me by because of FEAR.
I did the challenge anyway (and will post pics of it as soon as I am finished). But I am now fully convinced...no longer will I let fear stop me from doing the things that I enjoy. I absolutely love art...Love, Love, Love it...and its insane for me to let fear stop me from doing what I love...I am not in charge of the results...just doing it is all I have to do.
Until next time,


Brenda said...

I do hear you. That fear Boogey Man has plagued me for years, telling me I couldn't do this or definitely not that! And, making me hear criticism from others too much and listening too much to it, especially from family. That is why I have an art room full of art work. I have had difficulty letting it go and sharing with others. That's why having a blog has helped, its like it is someone else's work that I am looking at, if that makes sense.

Mar said...

fear is normal!
i admire you for moving past the fear and making yourself participate...
learning that your art is every bit as worthy as the art from those you admire is challenging...
needs to be worked at to overcome everyday
learn to not let the fear win..
i still have to work at this...
and i have been a a working artist for over 40 years now...
don't let it hold your exploration in check..break out and explore everything...
it is ALL good!

nzeller said...

Goodness, I'm with you! My fear stops me from many things, but I am learning that when it comes to my art it's as powerful as my feelings. It is who I am and you can't tell me its wrong. It just is.

My friend,you are fabulous at what you do. Your art is you and I adore you!

van Dyck said...


Fear is natural and though it can hold us back and keep us from growing, it also can be a friend.
Becoming to confident causes us to make errors and this where a little bit of fear causes us to reflect and think about our next move.
I am the first to admit that fear has tied me down, but once I reviewed what I was going to do, then I set out and tried it.
I did not always manage what I wanted, but when I did it was like achieving a new level in my work. Yet failure can also be viewed as success, provided we analyze what we did and make adjustments the next time around.
The key thing to remember is never to give up.

Enjoy your day

Mary @ Framed and Tagged said...

I do the same thing!...I'm afraid "they" won't like it.
Thank you soooo much for this post!
It's time to stand up and be ourselves no matter what others say.

Have a great day!!!


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