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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pure Chaos!!

It has been crazy here at the Staton homestead....lots to do and so little time. With the start of summer comes tons of sleepovers, and hungry, bored kids.

Once I get everyone settled, and before more fighting breaks out or someone gets hungry or thirsty again....its off to the studio for some creative play....

I have been enjoying my Layers of Love online class, and have really enjoyed using a smaller paint brush to do my pages. Before beginning this class, I would select the biggest paintbrush in my collection and cover the page with a single color....now, well, its a smaller paintbrush, and lots and lots of colors!!!
Otherwise here, its summertime, and that means you will usually find us at a baseball field....long, long days of baseball. My son made the All Stars team, so life is full of baseball games, practices, and more games!!

And....it seems that I have a new companion in the studio these days....I just love watching a child paint....no worries, no woes....just pure painting for the heck of it....and that is what we have here...sheer joy!!

I hope you enjoy the bliss and maddness that summer brings....I sure do, although at times it is chaos...
Until next time,


Seth said...

Love these two pages. Great shading and layering. And I like the look of the color blocks!

Linda Teddlie Minton said...

Ophelia, I LOVE your "getting it together" page! The colors are so cool and balanced.

And OHMIGOSH, those babies aren't such babies anymore! Thanks for posting the pictures ... please give them a hug from their "Auntie" Linda!

Becci said...

I absolutly LOVE this picture of the little girl painting! I just love it!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I enjoyed yours and am folllowing you now too!
I have some catching up to do with Layer Love too but am getting there!
Have a great hair day! Becci


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