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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Do-Over

I decided that I wanted to re-do my Creative Awakenings Visa page again... I just wasn't feeling the first one or something...so a do over was necessary. I just love this image of this little girl and I find that I use her alot. For some reason, she speaks to me, so, my do-over....and beginning my journey could not be complete without her.
On Sunday afternoon, I had a wonderful day of play with an amazing artist Kim Maselli. She came to our art group play date representing Chroma to demonstrate the Interactive Acrylic paints. Oh, I had the best day ever. I quickly fell in love with these paints and made alot of background papers for my artjournals. Kim was an incredible instructor. She showed me how to make them work for me to actually paint directly on my journal pages. I was a bit afraid since the open time of these is what the magic is.....but, I am now in love, and well, you know me....I went shopping.
I will show you the papers I created as soon as I unpack my bags....yeah, you know me!!
Anywho....since I am now officially on summer vacation I am looking forward to some long days of sheer creative play in my studio...well, that is my intention anyway.
Until next time,

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