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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Art Overload!!

Its day 7 of my summer vacation, and I am having the best time in my studio.

Playing around with all of my art supplies does wonders for a tired soul. I am now on overload. I have searched blogs until I have gotten lost :).....but blog reading is so much fun. There are so many exciting things going on in other peoples studios....and their blogs give little snippets into their worlds....so I read on..

I have gone shopping too, for new paints, papers to paint....just plain art overload...

While blog surfing, I ran upon (I'm not even sure of how I found her site) Julie Prichard. She has an amazing blog....just full of eye candy, and her work is incredible..I was lost there for hours. She is teaching a Layers of Love class online, and I had to sign up!!

Here is what I did for Lesson One: Talk about fun..

I am signed up for another online class with Jodi Ohl in July from my local art group. Her blog is Sweet Repeats and she does amazing work. And, right now, she is having a sale over at Etsy on her prints!!
Her class coming in July...

The internet provides so many amazing possibilities....we can take classes in our homes from artists that we may have never made contact with. I love how the classes are videos, so its so easy to just watch and learn...
This promises to be an amazing summer!!
Until next time.


Lady Di said...

I get lost in the bloggin' world too ... it's fun. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. That background is great, well done.

Seth said...

Julie is great and I bet you are having a ton of fun with her class. Not familiar with the other class but I am off to check it out.


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