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Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Love Hate Relationship

With my studio....sigh....
Affectionately known as The Imagination Station.  Lately, we have been in a love/hate relationship.  I love my space....but I hate the condition that I have let it become....
Pure clutter!!!
Have you ever seen such a mess!!!!

I just honestly love my stuff!!!!!
And, the unfortunate part is I have realized that my space is stifling my creativity.

Yes, the easy answer is just to clean this place up....
But, man oh man, do I have a lot of work to do....its one of those too busy driving to stop for gas...then, you realize that you just have to stop.
Have you honestly ever seen such a mess!!!
I have decided that on Monday....this Monday, August 4, 2014....I shall get order back to this haven that once was mine.
I am going to go through Julie Fei Fan Balzer's Studio Organization that she posted on her blog back in 2011.  It is time......sigh....I am prepared for the fact that it won't be easy...but, it must be done.
Wish me luck....seriously....to tackle this...I'm going to need it!!
Until next time,


Terri Corona said...

I can relate! I just moved so was forced to organize all supplies - it was grueling but feels so good to be done!

missy k said...

It needs to be done if it is stifling you.... just think how good and how extra creative you will feel after!!!

Maybe (with pictures!) you will inspire more of us to follow suit.... I know its time for me too!

Good luck!!!

Karen x

Tracy said...

I shall be reorganising soon because of an upcoming move. Sometimes it's fun to start over. I guess it's easier for me because I will be moving into a whole new room so can start from scratch. Just think of how creative you'll feel afterwards when you've found lots of things you'd forgotten you had… :)

Da Poppins said...

I so understand limited space. Not all of us have a ginormous studio, or can afford some great ikea. My space is at the foot of my bed in my bedroom and it is taking over.

Pia Rom said...

Thank you so much for inspiring me, to do another cleanse!! I get stuck too here in too much stuff around me ;) Love the big colorcontainer you have!! ♥ Conny
Piaroms Art Journaling


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