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Thursday, December 18, 2008

We Have A Winner...or 2!!

Hi you all,
Didn't realize how late its getting....
I've been working or more ornaments and shadow boxes as gifts which I'll post pictures of later.
So, my winner is...Sissy923.

And....lets have another winner as well....why not, its Christmas right...
so, Dia...you're also a lucky winner..

So Chris L & Dia, would send me your address, and I'll get you some goodies in the mail asap!!

Thank you all for playing....and keep checking back....you just never know what you'll find around here.

Until next time,


Dia said...

Ophelia - how delightful!!
You have my address from the paper swap :) I'm "Nadya King" in Oregon . . . Looking forward to more 'treasures' in the mail - thanks SO MUCH!!
Snow snow snow here!! Maybe 20 inches?? about 3- 5 fell today - a bit of freezing rain, then back to the fluffy stuff! My Chihuahua, Gracie Mae, brazenly runs thru the huge footprints to her tree - (vestellasvale blog has photos :)

Dia said...

(PS - I was offline for a couple of days - my modem went defunct, then had to figure out how to 'activate' the new one :)


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