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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Where Did October Go??

Realizing that today is October 30th just creeps me out!!  Where in the world did the entire month of October go???
We have been busy around here...  I will admit that, but an entire month slipping by...no way!!!
Looking back, it seems we are always in the car...volleyball games...
And of course there is baseball...where we still travel all the time it seems!!
We spent last weekend at Myrtle Beach --Cal Rypkin--and what an experience it was!!
Did not get my toes in the sand not once, because it was baseball all day, all weekend long, but it was oh so worth it!!
The Carolina Titans team is homestly such a great group of kids!!!
They play hard...and, its totally worth it!!
Sure makes the weekend go by...with my book bag still filled with papers to grade come Monday morning!!
And, if that is not enough...he hits the high school football field nightly for practice, and a games on Thursday nights...
So...I guess I can see where this month has gone...which leaves so little time for me and my studio...
But somehow I manage to sneak in a moment here and there.
And, if not at home, you can always find me at Jerrys playing around with paint at my demos.
Or teaching...
Because that just makes me so happy!!
I was able to attend a demo and lecture with Bob Rankin recently...LOVE this guy!!!
So, yes, I can now see how the month went by...
I guess I love this crazy busy life we have going on right now!!
Until next time,

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