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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I wanted to stop in this morning...yes, again, I apologize for the absence....our schedule just does not seem to let up any at all. 

Have I been gone for so long that now Blogger has changed...and for the life of me, I can't figure out how to work this today!!!

Imagine beginning my post with baseball...sigh....yes, its that time, and I just have to say that I have learned a thing or two these past few weeks.  One being sometimes you win even when the score board says something different.  You see.....on this day, my son, hit his first home run!!!  Yup...the very first.  What an amazing feeling that was for him!  Oh...we lost the game...but this kid was a winner indeed..

Now to the studio.....

I am once again back to "getting over" comparing.  The second thing that I've come to learn here recently is that its time to get over myself....yup....some tough love indeed is needed.  I start something today...think that I stink at it...and, well, give up... "Get over yourself little girl" ::)))
Welp, you guys have a great day.  I'd better get going because a busy day is calling.  I think though that we are down to the 20 something days of school left before summer break....and, yes, I can live with that...
Until next time,

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Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

First of all, BIG congratulations to your home run son!!! Wow! Exciting! Now, i can't believe you are down to 20-something days! Yay, Ophelia! I have forty-ish...and yesterday was almost the end of me. Seriously. Your journal page is bright and beautiful and hopeful like you are. Love it.


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