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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Being Afraid - And Doing it Anyway...

Good Tuesday morning everyone...
Gosh, Day 1 of Spring Break was great! If, that is, you consider cleaning out closets and such great! But, it all had to be done. My day one was filled with errands, cleaning, and doing all of those things that I had been putting off for like forever...see, procrastination usually ends up biting me right back! But, at least all the items from yesterday have been checked off, and today begins a new checklist!!
As you might imagine, the weekend was spent on the baseball field...sigh...no need for me to get tired of it already...August is a long way away! At least the weather was nice!!
Ok....I have an admission...for about 2 or 3 years now, I have been wanting to take a class at the Durham Arts Council. Its called Painting Gone Wild. Monday nights, eight weeks, blah, blah, blah...here's the kicker...I am not really familiar with Durham, and only knew that this place was somewhere downtown, but I never signed up for the class because I was too afraid to try to find the place! Silly huh....talk about letting fear control you!
Well, by golly, I decided it was time! I navigated those one way streets - um, thank you lady in my GPS, and found my self a park - thank you GOD! And, up I went...a nervous wreck! Not only had conquered the traffic, and parking, but this class is all about some painting on CANVAS!!
Now, mind you....I have tons of canvases, and even a shiny new easel, but well, lets just say that this is going to be a new chapter!!!
The instructor is Lisa Creed!! LOVE her! She is very much into letting it flow! Just allow the painting to speak to you....ummm...ok....
Hhhmmm...I guess I'm getting the silent treatment!!!
Pick a color and just paint the whole thing....ok...I can do that....
Not even sure of where we're going on this ride, because someone has yet to say a word to me!!!
Totally different direction by the end of the night....9pm rolled around way too fast!
I will spend some time with this gal, and see if she will open up to me a bit more :)
So there you have it fear!! Not only did I find my way there....but, I painted the heck out of this canvas!!!
When it decides to say something to me, I will let you guys know and keep you posted on where we're going with it!!
Until next time,


Linda Teddlie Minton said...

I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to see what you learn.

Kimberly Gruber said...

I think your art is beautiful. It speaks calmness, serenity. Very nice and have fun in your class!

Lynn Fisher said...

Hi...I think you did great! Canvas is very intimidating : )Bet this was a fun class!


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