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Friday, June 25, 2010


Last night, I met my friend Patti. We met at our usual Starbucks, got our usual goods, and headed on a joyride....
Over to her new studio

Oh MY GOSH!!! Talk about eye candy GALORE...
Patti has the most ownderful eye for just the right thing....her studio is simply fantastic, and if you could see all of the antique goodness that she has....I just sat on the floor.....in a puddle....and just stared.
Visit her blog here: http://mariposanegra.wordpress.com/ to keep up with her studio happenings...its gonna be so great once she is unpacked!!
The bum part....I was so into staring, that I completely forgot to take out my camera and at least snap a pic of me and my "girlfriend" and her wonderful studio....the second bum is that we only get together about one a year....but that will change!
You ever have one of those friends that when you leave you are on cloud nine....you know, ready to conquer the world. Well, thats how my Patti makes me feel. I feel so inspired, and just uplifted being around her....she really is such a creative artist, and a great, great friend. Its such a shame that we don't get together more often.
Patti....if you're reading this....send me a pic of you!!! and I'll put it up here later!
So, with that being said....get on the phone, and call your special girlfriend(s), tell them just how lucky you are to have them in your life.....and if you can, head out on a joyride of your own.
Until next time,


Lisa said...

That's it, I'm taking over my kids playroom. Would I be a bad mommy for doing that?? They never use it anyway.

SueC said...

I know how you feel as my special girlfriend Tanya, arrives next Wednesday - I'm really lucky. She inspires me and motivates me to get things done...and she is here for two whole weeks so lots of playtime!!

Patti said...

I had a great time, too!
You know time with you inspires me as well.
I have been drawing since I saw you. Me drawing!
Thanks, Girlfriend.


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