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Friday, May 28, 2010

Putting it out there...

I simply struggle with who I am, and honestly what my purpose is on this planet....
I have read so many amazing stories from other artists who have stated that they have been artists for as long as they can remember....drawing and painting since childhood.
I can't actually remember when I became so infatuated with art, but I know that it is a gigantic part of my life. I am completely in love with color...and well, creating. What I have to now realize is that I too am an artist, and, well, if I don't believe in me and my ability...no one else will. I have become way too comfortable sitting on the sidelines cheering others on, and not actually believing that I could ever get into this game called "artist". So, today I am putting it out there..an affirmation of sorts...(Say it with me!!)
I am an artist! I love to create! I truly enjoy what I do in my studio!

It is now time to believe in me. I have to get back to the goals that I have set for myself...time passes way too quickly and I want to get alot of things done. I am finding that I am not checking off things quickly enough on my "things to do before I die" list...live a little girlie!
Fear however sneaks into my studio more often than it is invited, and good old fashioned "excuses" come right in behind it (you know..I really should be doing ______, or whatever it is)...its time to put them both in their proper places so that I can get on with things that I have "dreamed" about.
The beautiful part is that today is Friday, and the "almost" beginnings of a nice long weekend.
Ummm...lets see here....8 more days til summer vacation!!
Wow, I am rambling this morning...Enjoy your weekend!
Until next time,


Andrea said...

Love this piece! Yes, you are an artist!

Nanette said...

Yes Ophelia...you are an artist. For some of us it takes a long time to accept that. I praise you for making the pubic announcement! It is a powerful step toward being comfortable with the title. Wear it with pride!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

I can totally relate to every word of this post! Thank you for sharing with us. You "ARE" an artist! I enjoy your work and look forward to seeing more!

Sherry Goodloe said...

Yep yep . . . you ARE an artist!
Now get off this computer and get back to creating something LOL *smiles*

Rita A. said...

Hello, Artist. What amazing work you do. Thank you for sharing your artist self with us.

Bren said...

I think we can all join you in that proclamation! My grand-daughters are mesmerized by what I'm up to in this past year of creating (see I came to it late in the game of life too) They look at me and say 'Nanny are you an artist? You're an artist aren't you?" I just smile and tell them, you know what, I'm just be creative. I guess that word scares us all :-)

Michele said...

You are absolutely an artist! Good for you for putting your fears out there, and realizing it is time to acknowledge your talent. You deserve it!

I hear everything you say, and feel it too. I struggle with the same issues as well. I haven't been an artist all my life either and just now I'm finally realizing who I am, and getting used to calling myself and artist. It's a great feeling!

Now get busy creating! :)


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