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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ready for some ART!!

We are on round 2 of the flu here at my house, and I'm ready for something different...I've been in my sickbed all weekend, and I can truly hear my paint brushes calling me...could be all the Nyquil, but I'm certain that I hear them.
With that being said, I am ready for some art...not in my "sick house" art, but a good ole' fashion workshop.
I love, love, love taking workshops...LOVE them. You know, that feeling you get when you pack all of your supplies, and acxiously await the possibilities of what the day will bring. I just love being amongst other creative beings....and just playing. Out of my house with no laundry or dirty dishes calling me, but just PLAY!
Well, my time is a-coming....ART OF THE CAROLINAS is just around the corner...and I've been counting the days...
The lineup this year is just incredible...so many choices....so little time. I honestly spend the entire weekend there..taking workshops, hanging out at the trade show...shopping yes, but also meeting and learning from the most incredible artists on the planet.
So, join me...I'll be there...all weekend long, like a kid at Christmas...or in a candy store..but I'm sure to be dirty in paint, with lots of shopping bags, my camera, and my handy dandy notebook.
Oh, the joy...and anticipation..
Until next time,


Mar said...

well..i haven't been 'as' sick as the flu
and it is also the fact getting ready for visitors
both to the house and at work to town
so i haven't been able to art either...
i don't getta go to art in the carolinas!
so you are going to just HAVE to bring that experience back and share...

enjoy the weekend!

Brenda said...

I checked out the instructors that will be there. Brenda Mattson, Robert Burridge and Bill Buchman look like wonderful workshops. You taking any of them?

Julia said...

Thanks for your visit and comment on my blog ! Yours is great and your journal pages are fabulous!

Sharon DiGiulio said...

Glad you'll have the flu behind you and you'll be ready for AOC! I'm really looking forward to all the creative energy too!
Cheers my dear!
See you soon,


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