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Monday, July 6, 2009

Some Lessons Learned..

Happy Monday!! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend. It is always so hectic with company over and lots of picnics to attend. But, whatever your plans, I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Thanks so much again to all of you that played along with my blog giveaway, and congrats to Seth as the winner!! As I said in an earlier post, stay tuned as I will announce a swap soon, so, we will have an opportunity hopefully in a few days for us to play some more.

On yesterday, we took my son to Camp Oak Hill for his first overnight camping experience. Want to talk about excited!! He has lived his whole life I think for that moment...a week away at camp!! I was honestly a nervous wreck....but he, oh no.... God bless that camp counselor!!

Anywho, back to my post...I did this journal page today because of a little lesson that I learned about being persistent and consistent with things....
I have found that these principals can pertain to any part of your life....for me, it goes with both my art life and my business life....as well as a ton of other things....
I have read lately over and over again how people are realizing their dreams by being consistent and persistent...which is a true stretch for me...when things get tough...I'm off to the next thing. When I hit a roadblock...well, thats it for me....so, I am making a commitment to myself to be persistent and consistent with my art as well as my business. Consistent in that I will show up and work EVERYDAY!!! Persistent---- sticking with it!! I get started on so many things only to discover that when I am not feeling it...I ditch it and move on...I understand that that happens sometimes, but for me, its more times than not, and I have closets filled with unfinished things. Also, I ditch one thing only to go out and find something else to get into creating a studio filled...and I mean filled with a variety of things that I had high hopes for getting into...but then, things got hard with that as well, so my lesson----STICK IT OUT!!! I can't become a master at something overnight....I have to give myself time to learn what it is that I want to do--don't quit on the piece because I think it won't be any good----just follow through until completion!! Same with my business---seriously work everyday at least for one hour, and stick with it even when things get rough...

So, thats my commitment...tell me, have you made any new commitments for yourself...lets do this!!

Until next time,



Jeanne Rhea said...

Don't take the fact that you are always bouncing from one thing to another as such a negative. When you do hit upon something that really speaks to you, you will be there ready and you will probably become addicted to it. I sometimes have the opposite problem and don't want to give up on a piece that I have worked on. I keep thinking that if I just try something else, then it will come together. Some times I need to just dump it. So there is probably a middle point for each of us to decide when we need to move on and when we need to apply ourselves. Best of luck!

Joanna Olson said...

Hi there, I found you through Seth's blog and your comment about consistent and persistent really appealed to me because just this week I completed a series of four collages because of those two words.
The comment from Jeanne also applies, so I guess
"balance" is another word to add to our mantra.
Try many things but re-visit older ideas often.
I enjoyed my visit to your blog!


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