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Monday, August 26, 2013

Ready to Roll

I somehow managed to vanish again my blog friends.  Off of the computer and into the swells of sweet summer.  Seems for a while, all I did was pack and unpack, but it was so worth it!  Lots of art happenings and great family time, and somehow, without warning, the calendar turned to August, and it all came to an abrupt end....its Back To School today in my little corner of the world, and honestly, I am not ready.  My son heads to high school...sigh...and my daughter to 3rd grade...me...cell block 130...8th grade hall...so...ready or not, its time to roll....
All I have done lately...is nothing in the art world it seems... A bunch of demos, and workshops, but no personal work...just no time, and I realized, my muse probably just couldn't keep up with it all... So, all I have for show and tell here is a record...a record of my days in my journal.

Just the day to day... Where I try to make sure to make time to record my thoughts...
Ii hope that you enjoy your day...enjoying the final snippets of summer, or getting ready to roll in your own way.
Until next time,


Bren Thebeau said...

Hoping your household have a great school year. I expect your Muse is needing a recess itself what with the arting summer you've had :-)

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Here we go, Ophelia. I had a workshop last Wednesday, had a panic attack, um not good, and now I am on my last two days of summer vacation, today and tomorrow...though I will go in probably tomorrow to see if my room has been cleaned all the way so I can unpack. I wish for you a much better, relaxed, happier, more peaceful year ahead this time! Let's hope our hard work rewards itself with less stress! Hugs to you, kath

Jackie said...

Some fab journal spreads here. Hope all goes well for the next stage of this year.
Thanks for popping by. Jx

A Magical Whimsy said...

I love your journaling! It's great to meet another kindred spirit mixed media artist.
I just became a follower of your blog.
I was feeling tired all the time, and my mother (who is 84) told me she was taking organic, unsulphured, black strap molasses. So I found Plantation brand and have been taking a tablespoonful a day, as it has the B Vitamins and some iron in it. Anything to help!
Enjoy your kiddos...they grow up way too fast!
Teresa in California


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