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Monday, June 17, 2013

A Giant Thank You!!

To everyone who has ordered a collage pack so far!!  Your support really means a lot!!!
Today is my first official day of summer break!!!!  And, well, its been a bit interesting!!!
You know how you start doing something and immediately realize that it was a BAD IDEA!!!
So...I decided today would be a great day to reorganize my studio...what in rhe world was I thinking!!!
I just knew the way that I had it was not working...
Yes...I was too far in to turn around!!!  So I kept going with it!!
And well...there is still lots and lots to do...
But its getting much better!!!
I will keep posting on my progress as this will take a while!
Lets also just say that I will sleep very well tonight!!!
Again...thank you all for your support so far!  I spent a couple of hours trying to figure out how to add the collage packs and such to the side bar of my blog so I could get back to artmaking...  I have a lot of blog work to learn!!
Until next time, Ophelia


Bren Thebeau said...

NOthing like a little creative chaos while finding your way to a space that works for you!

Ophelia said...

Yes Bren!! Chaos it is!!!

Dawn said...

Wow a very large task but SO worth it when your finished. I bet you found lots of things you forgot you had! It's looking great. Dxx

missy k said...

Well done! It's looking good and fun to find things you had probably forgotten about... hard work though!

Karen x


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