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Monday, December 7, 2009

Lets Back Up a Bit...

Good Monday Morning....UGH!! Where does the weekend go these days...

Busy, busy times for everyone it seems...and with a blur, its back to another work week.

I wanted to back up a bit ---as I promised last month that I would share more of my Art of the Carolina's experience.... an experience which is still fresh in my head and heart....these artists were just so giving...of their time, talents, themselves.

My favorite thing to do is just walk around the show floor and talk to the artists in each booth as they paint or demo something and pick their brains about art or whatever....and one thing I noticed about each and every person.....

Imagine This......each one looked forward to going to WORK!!!! Imagine living your life in such a way that every morning, you jump out of bed ready to face your day. I feel that way because I wake up...early....to play in my studio before work...but when its time to put the paintbrushes away and get dressed for work...well, thats when the party of over... I just imagine the day when my "work day" will be full time in my art studio...Imagine that!!!

There is soooo much more that I want to share with you...but time, once again is not on my side today...so, stay tuned...I have some products that I found...that you are going to LOVE!
Until next time,

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