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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Something Opened Up...

Good Morning Blogfriends,
I hope that your week is off to a great start.
We are expecting snow this week, and that means - snow days from school!!  I secretly have my fingers crossed as I need some studio time!!

Speaking of studio time, things have been heating up....in a good way!!!  I have painted non stop for the last few week to get ready for something, but first I have a bit of a confession.  Last year this time - MLK holiday - I met with the owner of The Little Art Gallery.  I took in my portfolio and a few paintings, and she really liked my work.  She asked me to comeback in a few weeks with larger paintings.... I left, and was quite excited about the possibility of having my work hanging in the same space as some of the artists that I consider to be Hero's in this area.  I got home excited to paint, and then something happened....I replayed our conversation and she said---LARGE PAINTINGS!!  Now, this is a girl, that stepped into the art world by way of art journals, and I was quite comfortable painting on a 9x12 art journal page.  I was terrified of a canvas, so I treated them like a 9x12 journal page, thus I painted on 9x12 or smaller canvas.  So, I did what I would usually do in the face of fear....I bailed!!!  Cancelled the meeting and buried her business card somewhere deep, and life carried on...
At the end of last year, I am not sure of what opened up in my, but I called her back, she remembered me, and to my extreme excitement, invited me back...yesterday, exactly one year later.  This time, I showed up with 5- yes, 5 large paintings...

I held my breath as she looked them all over.....and I'm talking I seriously held my breath.
I worked hard...for weeks and weeks I painted - every morning before work and for at least 5-6 hours after work each day.
She loved them!!!!  My knees trembled and I felt quite light headed...possibly the breath holding, but what a relief!!!  She kept all 5 to hang in the gallery!!!!
What I am most grateful for in this experience is the gift of a second chance....and seeing again that fear - which is so very real for me with my art - did not hold me back.  
I guess I say all of this to simply say - just push through.  Go for it.  Show up every single day and do what you love.  For me, its playing in paint.  Enjoying the process of playing in paint... and when I let me self know when approaching every canvas that I am only planning to enjoy the process, it takes a bit of the pressure away.
Thanks for listening!
Until next time,


Missy K said...

Firstly I hope you get the snow you'd like and more especially your 'snow days' or studio days ;)

Secondly, I love your canvases (sorry, LARGE canvases!) .... well done for overcoming your fear.... and great advice too.

Keep painting :)

Karen x

carol edan said...

Love the two that you showed! Congratulations what a wonderful opportunity! All the best!

Tammy Schmidt said...

Wow, congratulations! I love seeing how you’ve found your passion. Never stop


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