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Monday, July 25, 2016

Wandering...and Lost.

Good Morning blog friends.  When I sat to write this post, I was reminded of a stamp I have from Tim Holtz...Not All Who Wander Are Lost.  Lately, I have been feeling opposite.
My mom passed away on May 19th...and I have just been lost.  When I returned home from her service, I honestly thought I would find all of the comfort I needed in my studio....nope...dry!  For days, I would show up...and nothing.
I tried...and hated everything.
So....I started gutting my studio...
I cleared things out for weeks on end.  
When my mom was in the hospital last, I was just in awe at how amazing her nurses were.  I spent two weeks there with my mom before she passed away, and I thought that they deserved something very special for how they genuinely cared for and about my mom...
I have not made a quilt in 11 years...yes...11, when my daughter was born.  So, I switched my studio around to make space again for this guy...
...and 1st nurse quilt is almost done...I have a few more nurse quilts and 2 for her oncologists.  They were all just amazing!
I still need to put the borders on it, but...I'm quite happy with my first attempt!!
I still have space for my painting and journaling...
Seee...nothing!!!  I will keep at it though.
Until next time,


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