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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Art of Showing Up!

Good morning blog friends!  I hope that todays post finds all of you well with many, many things to be grateful for.
Today, instead of heading off to work, I headed to my studio for some alone time.  I realized a few days ago via my daily journal, that it has been month since I have been here to do anything.  Other than to pack or unpack for classes and demos, I have done not a thing!
It almost feels daunting--showing up after being away for so long, so todays quest is just to spend some time in my space.
Like playing around with my Prismacolor pencils and watercolor pencils....

Or filling up my trusty Lukas watercolor palette.

Or gluing down a random bit in an open journal on my table...
Than, making a mark with my favorite pencil!
I find that there is loads of inspiration in my studio....magic doesn't always happen...
But, I sure love being in this space!  And today, I am honestly grateful to have this little corner in my world to call my own!
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Until next time,

1 comment:

Missy K said...

I'm glad you are back!

Thank you for your lovely comment btw.

Karen x


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