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Monday, April 28, 2014

I Simply Love Color

And lots of it!
I think my downfall when I walk into an art supply store is the glorious display of color...just have to have it all!
In my Lukas watercolor palette, I was not feeling one color in particular--English Red, so, As an attempt to use it all up, I decided to just mix it with all the colors in my palette.
And mix, I did...
Its such a strong color, that it takes over everything...but I quickly discovered, it makes great Fall colors...wrong season, but glorious color!
Dear English Red, I love you!
Until next time,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Beautiful Mess

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Well...its a wee bit better now that my coffee is finally kicking in!!  I knew with the start of this week, that it was going to be a busy one, but when I wake up, ready to go back to bed, things are rough!!!
With an extra strong cup of coffee, I headed up to the studio, and decided today was going to be a paint slinging, make a mess kind of day...
Mission Complete!
Somehow, paints and supplies just take over my space.
And I just roll with it.
Grabbing a bit of this and a snippet of that...and magic happens.
Just a blissful frenzy of paint love!
I am working on small 5x7 paintings...and lots and lots of them.  I have a crazy large goal that I will share when it doesn't scare the heck out of me!!!
I really want to spend all of my days in my studio, bit, a whole lot of it is spent watching this guy do his thing...
And, I wouldn't miss a moment of it!
Until next time,

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Great News!!

Two simple words....
Today, in the midst of one of those crazy, mixed up kind of days, I received an email with these two words.  Great News!!
Those two words completely changed how my day was going.  It seemed all day long I was running.  Putting out fires constantly, running more, more fires, and when the bell finally rang, I sat for a second at my desk, and remembered the Great News!! email.  So, I opened it...
Holy Smokes Batman....I've been PUBLISHED!!!
They also have given me a code to share with friends....so, here you go!!!  Enjoy!!
Get your free issue of heART Journal Magazine today!
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Then on your iPad or iPhone follow these directions using subscriber code : sharemyheart (case sensitive)
• Install the App on your device
• Launch the Magazine
• On the Home Page, click on the Yellow subscribe button
• Tap on the Current Subscribers button
• Enter this: sharemyheart (case sensitive)
You will now be able to download a free issue to heART Journal Magazine. Remember, the code is case sensitive. Please show heART Journal Magazine some love by giving them a rating (there is an easy to use rating link inside the magazine) For help with the coupon code, email heartjournalmag@gmail.com

Until next time,

Friday, April 11, 2014

Knee Deep in Stuff

Seems like all of a sudden, the bottom fell out.  Piles of ungraded papers and laundry...just all sorts of things that are on my growing-unchecked to do list...sigh.
So, what does this gal do???  Leaves it all undone (for the moment) and heads to a journal page.
Just to scribble and add paint--still working on it, so I guess this is something else undone!
We are in the midst of baseball season, and beginning softball, so there are more things added to the crazy schedule.
But first, my trusty studio assistant needed a serious time out at the dentist...
Two days in a row....now that she is all better, its back to full on around here!  Guess I'd better pay more attention to the correct brushing of the back teeth from now on!
One more thing....
Still just loving my watercolors!
And to add another thing to the growing list...I REALLY want to learn to sketch on location...hmmm....
Until next time,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lessons Learned...

Spring Break came and slipped by in a flash.  Oh, how I had the greatest intentions of cleaning and painting, and cleaning some more.  I learned that I love naps...and lots of them.  A clean house is simply overrated!
I learned that my greatest intentions did not pan out as planned.
I am participating in Introverted Arts Traveling Journal...
Why is it that when I received it...I froze with fear...so I stared at it a few days, then jumped in the only way I knew how.
Adding scribbles, collage, and lots and lots of paint.
It goes postal today...heading off to its next round in the circle!
Another thing I have realized is my insane love affair with watercolors.  I think I am truly addicted.
Insane I say...
And...although the span of time between posts seems to get longer than my greatest intentions, I am still here and working daily in my little corner of the world.

I hope you all have a great day.
Until next time,


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