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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Beautiful Mess

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Well...its a wee bit better now that my coffee is finally kicking in!!  I knew with the start of this week, that it was going to be a busy one, but when I wake up, ready to go back to bed, things are rough!!!
With an extra strong cup of coffee, I headed up to the studio, and decided today was going to be a paint slinging, make a mess kind of day...
Mission Complete!
Somehow, paints and supplies just take over my space.
And I just roll with it.
Grabbing a bit of this and a snippet of that...and magic happens.
Just a blissful frenzy of paint love!
I am working on small 5x7 paintings...and lots and lots of them.  I have a crazy large goal that I will share when it doesn't scare the heck out of me!!!
I really want to spend all of my days in my studio, bit, a whole lot of it is spent watching this guy do his thing...
And, I wouldn't miss a moment of it!
Until next time,


missy k said...

Good choices to have - studio time and being a proud mum watching your son 'do his thing' :)

Looks like a great paint session!

Karen x

thanks for visitingx

Kristin said...

Awe, you had me at flinging paint - and color! LOVE this!! xoxo

~Rasz~ said...

I can't wait to see how many 5x7's you do and why. I love a good suspense. And a professional ball player in the making...life is good! Hugs

Susan Carol said...

Paint slinging, make a mess kind of day - what better way to spend a day. Very intrigued by your lots and lots of 5x7 paintings - do please share your 'crazy goal' :)

Jackie said...

Such wonderful colours - it looks fabulous. Just how my desk looks too. A happy, colourful mess.
I'm sure you won't regret the time you spend at matches, even though your studio calls. Jx


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