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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Stalling...Yes, its Sad...

I fly out on Monday morning for Vegas...  I am so psyched about it that I can't even stand it.  There is just one tiny problem---I'm stalling!!!
See that sharpener....well--ok, let me back up for a second.  
I am supposed to film an art journaling video on Friday, which means, I am supposed to have some sort of idea of what I am doing---there is to be an article about my process as well...so, in the true spirit of stalling, I sat for what seemed like forever with that sharperner...
And, I took to my box of watercolor pencils---because they need a nice point, right...
I don't know if its just nerves that have me stalling, but I haven't even started packing yet.
Oh wait...thats because I have no idea of what art supplies I need to take because I haven't even figured out what in the world I am going to do!!!
I have been teaching a lot, packing and unpacking for demos, but for some odd reason, I have been gripped with severe procrastination when it comes to this project.
I have been working in my Day to Day journal.
But art journaling...oh no...
Its T minus 4 days until I'm outta here, so I need to snap out of it...
Yet...I put all of my red paints in this basket... WHY???
Until next time,

Saturday, February 1, 2014

A School Day---On Saturday!

After three days in because of this...
We head to school today to make up our missed days.  
Its ok with me because I had three glorious days of being in my studio.
Lots of goofing off....and playing.  
Creating lots of things..
And taking lots of breaks to do this..
Oh...and lots and lots of naps!!
And making a grand decision...
Yes, thats it...Do More Of What I Love!
Until next time,


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