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Friday, January 17, 2014

Working Hard and it Shows!!

Happy Friday everyone!  I have been knee deep in some awesome things in my studio, and honest to goodness it shows!
I mean seriously... How can I even get anything done in this space!!  
When I am in the "zone", I start pylling stuff out and all kinds of stuff is everywhere, and this morning, it just cracked me up that I could actually work like this!
Painting more Mulberry paper...just too much fun, and working in a journal getting ready for Vegas again this year where I will be filming once again!!
Super excited about that, but every time I actually think about it...I'm a nervous wreck!
Well... I promise to get that table picked up a bit soon...hopefully... Still have lots to do!
Until next time,


Kelly_Deal said...

I know exactly how you feel! My workspace looks like a war zone, but I guess it works for me. Have fun in Vegas!

Susan Carol said...

Thanks for showing us your workspace - makes me feel a lot better! Your pages are lovely too.

missy k said...

I like the look of your workspace and your pages :)

Karen x

Tracy said...

Gorgeous-looking pages, Ophelia! Have fun in Vegas - I'm sure the filming will be fine :)

Nancy B said...

Awesome art in spite of a full table! I need to go clean mine from yesterday's art.

Yolanda said...

These colors are gorgeous. It is amazing that we kick up such a mess. I do too.

Jackie said...

Love your pages - your workspace looks like mine!!


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